‘The Hunt for Veerappan’ – the untold story of India’s most infamous outlaw

There are many aspects of Veerappan’s life that have remained hidden 'The Hunt For Veerappan', unveils this saga with accounts from those closest to him.

A husband, father, leader and wanted criminal. While the image of the man with a handlebar moustache and gaunt cheekbones is well-known, there are many other aspects of Veerappan’s life that have remained hidden in the dark forests of South India. Netflix’s upcoming docu-series, The Hunt For Veerappan, unveils this saga with accounts from those closest to him.

Directed by first-time docu director Selvamani Selvaraj, the series is produced by Apoorva Bakshi and Monisha Thyagarajan, founders of Awedacious Originals along with Kimberley Hassett. Helmed by Bakshi, one of the producers behind the International Emmy award-winning series Delhi Crime and Hassett who is the co-producer of Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator, this highly anticipated, defining docu-series will premiere exclusively on Netflix on August 4.

For 17 years, Veerappan was the subject of India’s longest and costliest manhunt. The cinematic series delves into the unseen and unheard, presenting firsthand accounts from individuals close to Veerappan and those who tirelessly sought to capture him. From shedding light on the authorities’ struggle to apprehend him to providing a political and social commentary that reveals the politics of disparity, the docu-series unravels his captivating tale and the disorder that ensued.

Pointing out the significance of the documentary, producer Apoorva Bakshi of Awedacious Originals said, “Veerappan was the most infamous outlaw in the 90s India, and his story is still relevant today for its profound historical and cultural significance. We strived to uncover his unique psyche beyond the physical image many know, through the accounts of those who have laboured tirelessly with and against him. Our continued association with Netflix has enabled us to deliver an authentic, thought-provoking, and seminal show giving viewers a comprehensive understanding of the man and his life.”

Director Selvamani Selvaraj reflects on speculation around Veerappan, stating, “For years, we had heard tales about Veerappan’s notoriety, yet no one truly knows what made him the dreaded criminal that he became and still be known as the Robin Hood for a section of the society. In this docu-series, through meticulous research, we have been able to dig deep into his complexities, unearthing untold stories and unexplored facets of his life. Our partnership with Netflix has allowed us to unravel the enigmatic personality and contribute to a broader dialogue that transcends Veerappan’s individual story.”

Tanya Bami, Series Head, Netflix India said, “We are committed to telling the most compelling untold stories from India in many diverse formats. Our next offering, The Hunt for Veerappan is a docu-series about the most notorious and dreaded bandits of India. This is an important story that Selva, Apoorva and Monisha have brought to life with a great amount of passion and rigour to uncover facts and truths about Veerappan’s life. Indian docu-series such as House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths, Indian Predator, Bad Boy Billionaires have resonated well with our audience and we are extremely excited about this series and are confident that our audience will be intrigued, shocked and moved by this story.”

The four-part docu-series will take viewers through the hunt in Tamil and English. It will also be available in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam, ensuring that audiences across different regions can join in the pulse-pounding chase and experience the untold story of Veerappan in their own language.

Catch the untold story in ‘The Hunt for Veerappan’ on August 4, exclusively on Netflix!

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