No cakewalk for Ritika Singh to keep aside the MMA fighter to play ‘InCar’ character

Ritika Singh, said that it was very difficult to switch off the MMA fighter in her and act as a victim in the upcoming film 'InCar'

Actress Ritika Singh, who will be playing the role of an assault survivor in the upcoming film ‘InCar’, said that it was very difficult to switch off the MMA fighter in her and act as a victim. She said: “It was difficult for me to keep the martial artiste in me at bay and function like a regular girl because as an MMA fighter, I would know how to get out of a certain situation and how to use my body and its flexibility to its strength. I had to really work on it.”

But what surprised her during the course of filming was the superhuman strength that the human body can exhibit when pushed to a corner.

“Often the human body exhibits a superhuman strength when one is stuck in a difficult situation and that’s what surprised me about myself. To discover that superhuman strength in me acted as the driving force to execute the action scenes in the film,” she said.

Playing the role of a girl who suffers assault had taken a toll on her. The healing process took 4-5 months for her to get into a better mental state.

She said: “It took me 4-5 months to get out of this character. I know the process and the method to leave the character behind but I just couldn’t do it given the emotional strain. I did Yoga, my martial arts training and somehow things changed over the course of time but it was difficult.”

When asked how the MMA fighter in her helps her as an actress, she quipped: “The MMA fighter in me helps the actor in me in many ways, the most important aspect of being a martial artiste is discipline. That discipline has shaped the actor in me. I always go to the sets fully prepared and I’m also very particular about saying the dialogues the way a director wants said so that’s something that martial arts have given me.”

Directed and written by Harsh Warrdhan, presented by Inbox Pictures and produced by Anjum Qureshi and Sajid Qureshi, ‘InCar’ is all set to release in theatres on March 3 in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

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