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Here is what got Ishaan Dhawan interested in playing Dhruv for Tara

Actor Ishaan Dhawan, Dhruv in the show 'Dhruv Tara' shared what inspired him to take up the project and how much he relates to his character.

‘Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana’ actor Ishaan Dhawan is currently seen playing the role of a neurosurgeon, Dhruv in the show ‘Dhruv Tara’. He shared what inspired him to take up the project and how much he relates to his character.

Sharing his interest being part of this unique love story, he said: “The show introduces a fascinating concept, in which a girl from the past travels through a time portal to the present day and finds love with a person living in the present. While Dhruv is a witty and charming doctor living a simple life in the 21st century, Tara comes from a royal family in the opulent world of the 17th century. I was very impressed by the uniqueness of the story when I first read the script. I was blown away by the love that blossoms between people from two very different eras. It was like a breath of fresh air amidst the monotony of similar TV show concepts.”

Ishaan added that he finds an instant connection between him and his on-screen personality.

The ‘Gud Se Mitha Ishq’ actor added: “I felt an instant connection with the character of Dhruv, and I knew that I had to play this role. Dhruv is a typical 21st-century boy who is a hardworking and diligent doctor and loves his family. Dhruv is charming and full of life, which are qualities that I can definitely relate to. I see a part of myself in Dhruv’s character, but being part of a time-travel romance was an entirely new and thrilling experience for me.”

There are several senior actors like Yash Tonk, Krishna Bharadwaj, and Narayani Shastri in the show and the actor said that it was a learning experience to work with such mature and established faces of the entertainment industry.

“Working with senior artists in the TV industry can be a unique experience. These actors have a wealth of knowledge, and a strong work ethic that they bring to the table. They will always be able to offer guidance and mentorship to help you develop your skills and grow your career.”

“During our city visit to Ahmedabad, got an opportunity to meet Krishna and it was a pleasant experience. Both of us are into spiritualism so it was great connecting with him. I am looking forward to working with Yash Sir and Narayani ma’am in the near future and I am sure that there will be so much to learn from them and I can’t be more thankful to have bagged such an opportunity that is allowing me to work with such veteran artists,” he wrapped up the conversation.

‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare’ will be airing on February 27 on Sony SAB.

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