Kapil Sharma reveals about his state of anxiety and depression

Comedian Kapil Sharma rules out joining politics says, "I am happy making people laugh," in Rajat Sharma's show Aap Ki Adalat

Comedy King Kapil Sharma has ruled out joining politics, saying ‘I don’t understand why all politicians look so serious….I’m happy making people laugh…I don’t like wearing a white kurta.’ He was replying to questions from Rajat Sharma in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ show.

Rajat Sharma asked him: “Since stand-up comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy has become Ukrainian president and another stand-up comedian Bhagwant Mann has become Punjab chief minister, a new path has opened up for comedians.”

Kapil Sharma: “Bilkul, Sir.”

Rajat Sharma: “Will we get some news about you any day?”

Kapil Sharma: “I don’t know why people become so serious when they become politicians.”

Rajat Sharma: “Rahul Gandhi is not serious. Even Modiji has said Rahul Gandhi can give competition to Kapil Sharma.”

Kapil Sharma: “Oh, did he say so? But I think I am happy (being a comedian). I can crack jokes with people. When you become a politician, wearing a white kurta makes you tense. As a comedian, I am free to speak the way I like. I haven’t seen the prime minister of any country cracking jokes in front of people. They always remain tense. I feel at ease in my life. I am okay. At least, we bring smiles on the face of people. Baaqi waqt ka kuch pata nahin. (I don’t know what will happen in future).”

The comedy king also spoke about how his life underwent a sea change when he suffered from anxiety and depression, and several shootings with top stars like Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor and Ajay Devgn had to be be cancelled.

Kapil Sharma said: “It was a phase of anxiety and depression for me. I was not in a position to work. My work was to make people laugh, but if one is not happy oneself, how can he make others laugh. So I started drinking. Well, I did not make other stars wait, but many shootings were cancelled. I felt sad when Ajay Devgn Saheb’s shoot was cancelled. He loves me, and he knew artistes go through such phases. One night, Shahrukh Bhai was shooting in Film City, he came in his car at night, took me out and for nearly an hour he explained to me “itna tujhe pyaar mil raha hai, tu itna kyun tension le raha hai”, par woh cheez mere control me nahin thi, Sir. (things were not under my control).”

Kapil Sharma went on: “I knew I would come out of that phase, but I felt I will not be able to talk if I come out in daylight, when the rays of Sun strike my eyes. I can speak to a crowd of one lakh people, but at that time, I was even unable to speak to even four persons. Depression was a subject which we never heard in our home town (Amritsar). We had heard about headache and stomach ache, we didn’t know what was this depression and anxiety? Akshay Paaji called me to his set, he also explained to me with care. It was a really sad phase, Sir.”

The comedy king also spoke about how he bothered Amitabh Bachchan during that phase. Big B was supposed to do the voiceover for Kapil Sharma’s film and had asked him to send his team to a studio where he was dubbing.

Kapil Sharma said: “My mental condition was not good. I was then going through depression. I felt day and night that I won’t be able to face people. I was producing my first film. I sent him a message asking whether he would agree to do a voiceover for my film. Within 5 minutes, he replied telling me to send my team to a studio where he was scheduled to do dubbing…… When Bachchan Saheb said, I’m coming, I felt it was my duty to go there and welcome him. I took two pegs and went to meet him. It was around 8 that morning, and I and Ginni were not married at that time. She went with me like a shadow. By then, Bachchan Saheb had finished his dubbing. I was told he has done the voiceover, and was dubbing for his own film. His staff told me to leave, but I insisted I would like to meet and thank him. I said, even if takes two years, I will sit here and wait. His message came and I was asked to enter the studio. I went inside, touched his feet and said ‘thank you’. Then I introduced Ginni to him and said in Punjabi, ‘Paaji thwadi bahu’ (Paaji, your daughter-in-law). Bachchan Saheb saw Ginni for the first time. He had never heard about her. For me, it was a memorable moment. I later sent him a message tendering apology, and Bachchan Saheb replied in Hindi, ‘Jeevan Sangharsh Hai, Jeevan Chunautiyon Ka hi Doosra Naam Hai’ (Life is struggle, it is the synonym for challenges).”

On his film career, Kapil Sharma said, “When I got love from people on TV, offers for films naturally came. In my first film(Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karoon), I got 4 heroines. Mazaa aa gaya tha, Sir. Then I thought since heroines come to my show, why not get four heroines for my film. But I got a single heroine in my next film . ..Woh waala romance nahin hua Sir, uske saath.”

Asked why he invested Rs 35 crore in his film ‘Firangi; which flopped badly, Kapil Sharma replied: “Woh Sir thoda ho gaya, bank balance khujli ho rahi thi, mujhe laga, laga dete hain. Dil se banayi thi woh film, us process ko bahut enjoy kiya tha….Insaan galtiyan kar kar ke seekhta hai. Films main karta rahoonga.” (It so happened, my bank balance gave me the itch, I invested my money. I made the film with zest. I enjoyed the process..People learn by committing mistakes. I will continue to make films)

About his latest film ‘Zwigato’ releasing on March 17, Kapil Sharma said: “The name is a bit difficult, but the story is ‘desi’. My character is Manas who works as a delivery boy during the pandemic. We’ve got a good response for our trailer. I think people will like it.”

Comedy king Kapil Sharma in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ show will be telecast tonight on India TV at 10 pm.

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