Madhuri Dixit, Suniel Shetty gush over ‘khoobsurat’ Ashta Laxmi act of ‘Dance Deewane’ contestant

April 18, 2024
The judges of 'Dance Deewane', Madhuri Dixit Nene and Suniel Shetty, couldn't stop gushing over the 'Ashta Laxmi' act performed by contestants Anjali and Sharvari, calling it as a 'khoobsurat' (beautiful) performance.

The judges of ‘Dance Deewane’, Madhuri Dixit Nene and Suniel Shetty, couldn’t stop gushing over the ‘Ashta Laxmi’ act performed by contestants Anjali and Sharvari, calling it as a ‘khoobsurat’ (beautiful) performance.

This week on the dance reality show, the grand stage underwent a transformation into an extravaganza inspired by the upcoming show ‘Laxmi Narayan-Sukh, Samarthya, Santoolan’. All contestants were tasked with incorporating various mythological tales into their performances.

The Patro brothers portrayed the cherished bond between Lord Krishna and Sudama, while Anjali and Sharvari captivated the audience and judges alike with their mesmerising Ashta Laxmi act, leaving everyone stunned.

Speaking about their performance, Madhuri said: “Anjali, Sharvari wakai aap dono dance karte karte twins lagne lage hain. Lakshmi sirf dhan ke roop me nahi hai mata ke roop me bhi hain, gyan ke roop me bhi hain aur aapne ye hume darsha ke dikhaya aaj, thank you so much (Anjali, Sharvari, while dancing, you both truly appear like twins. Lakshmi is not only in the form of wealth, but also in the form of a mother and in the form of knowledge, and you demonstrated that to us today. Thank you so much).”

Suniel shared: “Aapko kyu aisa lagta hai? Maa sirf mere ghar mein hain? Maa toh sabke gharo me hai unke 8 roop hai, aapka performance bahot khubsoorat tha, waise bhi betiyaan Laxmi ji ka roop hi hoti hai toh waise hi unka ashirvaad humare stage par bhi hai (Why do you think Mother is only in my home? Mother is present in everyone’s home, in her eight forms. Your performance was very beautiful. Daughters are considered as the embodiment of Laxmi, so her blessings are also on our stage).”

Nitin and Gaurav’s rendition of Lord Krishna and Arjun’s act on Geeta Samvad from the Mahabharat left such an impact that Suniel felt compelled to revisit the Bhagwat Geeta.

Adding a touch of generosity and tradition, Madhuri is impressed by the performance of Nitin and Gaurav, and the Patro Brothers give them Rs 101 each, while Sharvari and Anjali delighted everyone by making 101 ladoos for a good husband and later distribute them to everyone on set.

‘Dance Deewane’ airs on Colors.

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