Swati Sharma completed 60 parikramas around Shivling to get scene right

April 24, 2024
Swati Sharma has shared that she ended up doing 60 parikramas for a scene in the show.

Swati Sharma, who essays the role of Aashi in the show ‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’, has shared that she ended up doing 60 parikramas for a scene in the show.

In a recent episode, Amrita, played by Khyati Keswani, becomes insecure as Siddharth, whom she believes to be her lost son, gives more attention to Aashi. This leaves Amrita feeling insecure, prompting her to ask Aashi to perform a parikrama around a Shivling for Siddharth’s well-being.

Recalling the experience of filming the scene, the actress said, “I did around 60 parikramas to complete the shot. Just a day before this sequence was to be filmed, my director jokingly said that tomorrow is going to be a tough day. Little did I know that it was going to be an experience for me.”

She added, “As an actor, we always thrive for challenges and look for shots that bring out the best in us. This scene was one of them. I was really nervous before the shoot, as it was outdoors, and we could not even use fans. When I initially started, I thought it would be done in 5-6 parikramas, but we ended up doing around 60 parikramas to get that perfect shot.”

Swati concluded by saying, “Even though it was an on-screen parikrama, I believe I am blessed because as actors, we don’t get enough time to visit temples.

“Though it was Aashi who was doing the parikrama for Siddharth’s well-being on screen, personally, as Swati, I was genuinely involved in the scene and did it with my whole heart as I took it as a chance to worship Lord Shiva and thank him for giving me such opportunities as an actor to complete such difficult yet challenging shots.”

‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’ is available on Shemaroo Umang.

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