Why working professionals opting for skin boosters?

In today’s time, prioritising skin health has become an important aspect. Individuals are adopting comprehensive approaches ranging from skincare routines to dietary choices

New Delhi, April 4 (IANSlife) In today’s time, prioritising skin health has become an important aspect. Individuals are adopting comprehensive approaches ranging from skincare routines to dietary choices to advanced treatments for optimal results. According to the latest report, the global market for skin boosters, valued at USD 1.08 billion in 2023, is projected to witness a steady growth rate of 9.0 percent from 2024 to 2030.

Skin boosters entail micro-injections of hyaluronic acid, along with vitamins and minerals, directly into the epidermis, aiming to revitalize, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin, thereby imparting a natural radiance. The surge in demand for skin boosters is attributed to several factors, including evolving beauty standards globally, increased accessibility to nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, regulatory approvals for innovative skin boosters, and rising cosmetic demands among the ageing population.

Interestingly, in India, a notable uptick in demand among working professionals has been observed, driven by the fast-paced nature of their lives. Amidst hectic schedules and prolonged work hours, individuals often grapple with skin issues like dullness, dehydration, and premature ageing. Skin boosters emerge as a convenient solution, offering quick revitalization and hydration to maintain a fresh and radiant appearance despite busy routines.

Leading the forefront of new-age therapies is bio remodelling that employs ultrapure hyaluronic acid through precise injections to combat ageing signs such as wrinkles and dark under-eye patches. This innovative approach delivers essential nutrients to promote skin rejuvenation, restoring moisture for enhanced firmness and elasticity. Profhilo, a prominent method within bio remodelling, ensures uniform moisture distribution across critical areas like the face, neck, and hands, yielding immediate hydration and skin-tightening effects.

Furthermore, the appeal of skin boosters lies in their ability to deliver visible results with minimal downtime, a crucial factor for working professionals. Unlike traditional skin care products or more invasive procedures like facelifts or lasers, skin boosters provide almost instant rejuvenation without necessitating prolonged recovery periods, enabling individuals to resume daily activities promptly.

Lately, hydrostretch therapy has also gained traction. It offers a non-invasive and skin-friendly approach suitable for all skin types. Viscoderm Hydrobooster, a stabilized hyaluronic acid variant, revitalizes tissues while providing essential moisture, smoothing surface wrinkles and enhancing skin elasticity. With its gentle application and swift procedure, hydro stretch therapy proves ideal for dynamic facial areas, ensuring an effortless integration with tissues and yielding noticeable improvements in skin texture and glow.

The versatility of skin boosters in addressing diverse skin concerns further contributes to their popularity among working professionals. Whether combating ageing signs, replenishing moisture levels, or refining skin texture, the customizable nature of skin boosters resonates with individuals seeking tailored solutions to meet their unique skincare needs.

(Dr. Soujanya Dhulipala is a Dermatologist, Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic)

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