VogueStar 2024: Here’s what to expect from this year’s stellar event!

February 15, 2024
Arriving with yet another edition of VogueStar this year in April 2024, for fashion, beauty, and a pledge to create a platform that offers an inclusive space for women where they can create unique identities for themselves.

Arriving with yet another edition of VogueStar this year in April 2024, for fashion, beauty, and a pledge to create a platform that offers an inclusive space for women where they can create unique identities for themselves. The idea is to acknowledge women from across the country without making them compromise on their individualities. The platform is primarily virtual and functions through an online mode for the majority of its plan, following a physical grand finale of six consecutive days in the most prime location of the opulent pink city: Jaipur.

Kirti Choudhary, founder of VogueStar
Kirti Choudhary, founder of VogueStar

Kirti Choudhary, founder of VogueStar, boasts a powerful mix of administration, management, and politics, culminating in her finally becoming a force of her own with VogueStar. She shares that it aims to give equal opportunity to women from across the country, irrespective of their backgrounds. The platform will become a medium to acknowledge the efforts of women who are passionate about making a difference at every age. Training these women and making them a better version of themselves is the ultimate vision. Her ground, thus, stands firm with her positive outlook on life. “VogueStar will culminate my vision into reality while ensuring the larger motive ‘redefines the conventional’ remains the same.

The show will be a splendid arrangement of mastery and substantial creativity concerning the best of women, putting on a show full of glitz and glam. The Grand Finale will be organized at a 5-star property in Jaipur, ensuring a luxury hospitality partner associated with the event. Having Abhimanyu Singh Tomar, Alison Woodham, Kavita Kharayat and Jigyasa Jolly as the Jury members.

VogueStar | Jigyasa Jolly | Creative Director | Modo Caldo
VogueStar | Jigyasa Jolly | Creative Director | Modo Caldo

Miss/Mrs. VogueStar India 2024 will be crowning 300 candidates from across the country, creating an exceptional narrative of all times. Along with 45 winners from all the different states and city level who would represent their category and city/state. These women will be from three different categories, catering to a diverse range of women from all spheres of life. In the category of Miss VogueStar India, 2023, it had candidates 18-35 years of age (unmarried).

On the other hand, the category of Mrs. VogueStar India, Group 1, caters to married females of 18-35 years of age, whereas the category of Mrs. VogueStar India, Group 2, comprises women of 36-65 years of age. Along with 300 winners from across the country, having an additional footfall of 300 guests appearing for the show. These guests would comprise Influential members of the fashion and media Industries, contributing to a valuable network built around the event.

From fashion designers launching their thematically designed couture collections to professionally trained candidates highlighting their profiles along with a crown; the gala will indeed be an enriching vision to witness.

Moreover, it will create an interesting allocation of opportunities for women looking for a substantial network in the fashion industry. The show runners for the same are two leading ladies of the runway era, Alison Woodham, the official Show Choreographer, and Kavita Kharayat, official Pageant Groomer.

Alison Woodham, a notable businesswoman, best known for having directed shows for Vogue, Belvedere’s launch, Lakme Fashion Week, and many more, is a specialist in her industry with excellent standards, and she is renowned for the best fashion and pageantry show presentations. A woman renowned for her talent in grooming models for pageantry and E fashion displays. She provides the events with a strong foundation and ensures that contestants’ overall performances are executed flawlessly.

VogueStar 2024 | Preeti Rawat | Gulnaar Kaur | Sonu Singh
VogueStar 2024 | Preeti Rawat | Gulnaar Kaur | Sonu Singh

First from left is senior Make-up Consultant Preeti Rawat, an all-rounder and an astonishingly efficient multitasker! Image consultant, style educator, and makeup professional are some of her many titles. With her vast knowledge and passion for makeup and styling, she believes these two elements to be not merely an addition to a woman’s beauty but a boost to her confidence. She aims to pass on the legacy and wisdom that she has acquired over the years of diligent hard work and experience.

In the mid is Gulnaar Kaur, a multifaceted professional blending the realms of psychology and fashion. With expertise as a psychologist and a keen eye as a fashion stylist, she adds depth and flair to the pages of VogueStar. Dive into her world, where style meets the psyche, creating a captivating fusion of beauty and insight.

On extreme right is Sonu Singh, a passionate writer and motivational speaker. She has won many awards in various ‘public speaking championships’. She believes that every individual should have a platform where they can express themselves freely and confidently without any fear of judgment or criticism from anyone around them.

Jigyasa Jolly, the esteemed founder and creative director of Modo Caldo, is a celebrated fashion designer renowned for her revolutionary design skills and profound expertise in the science of fashion. Each creation by Jigyasa is a masterpiece. Joining VogueStar as the official trainer, she will impart her knowledge to fashion designers over the next 3 months, ensuring every collection gracing the runway is a visual delight.

Naina Chandwani fostering a genuine love of Fashion and Design; she seeks to empower young women through her couture design. From turning her passion into a fashion game, she is achieving her aim with brimming hard work and dedication! With her brand, ‘Dndzino’, she is presenting the prowess of women who are bold and beautiful!

Bharti Mittal the designer excels in creating beautiful designs for Indian and Western clothing. And providing glamorous personalized apparel with her label Silai.

The partners this year are incredible brands such as BMW as our commune partners for all the finalists for their commute to the venue. This is a very exciting event for VogueStar and our participants.

VogueStar proudly announces its exclusive partnership with VLCC, the renowned beauty and wellness brand, as its official runway beauty partner. This collaboration merges VogueStar’s fashion prowess with VLCC’s expertise in beauty and wellness, promising to set new standards in runway aesthetics. VogueStar’s runway event this year will feature the latest beauty trends curated by VLCC’s expert team, elevating the overall experience for audiences and participants alike.

VogueStar | ISAAC Luxe | Dr. Geetika
VogueStar | ISAAC Luxe | Dr. Geetika

VogueStar is partnering with ISAAC Luxe one of India’s top notched skin clinic chains as skin partners for this mega event in the month of April, where the 45 winners will be given ISAAC’s signature clinic facial after consultation and skin test with a product by Dr. Geetika’s newly launched skin care line, SkinbydrG.

I would like to say something about this event association with ISAAC LUXE. “As the CEO of ISAAC Luxe, I’m truly excited to see the incredible growth and expansion of our company. Our team’s hard work and dedication have been the driving force behind our success, and I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished together. With each new milestone, we’re pushing the boundaries of luxury, and I’m honoured to lead such a dynamic and innovative team, I would also like to say all the best to all the participants participating in this event and hopefully all the 45 chosen for ISAAC’s signature facial along with newly launched SKINBYDRG product would make you happy,” quoted Jharna Dhar, CEO, ISSAC Luxe.

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