Anahat Singh ‘excited to get going’ on no.1 seed opportunity in PSA event

January 14, 2024
Anahat Singh is on the eve of participating in her third Challenger Tour event and she will be charting unfamiliar territory as the No.1

New Delhi, Jan 14 (IANS) The 15-year-old Indian squash player Anahat Singh is on the eve of participating in her third Challenger Tour event and she will be charting unfamiliar territory as the No.1 seed and title favourite for the first time.

Anahat, who has been touted by many as India’s next squash superstar, has enjoyed a whirlwind couple of years on the squash court, in a journey that has taken her to all corners of the globe.

From competing at the 2022 Commonwealth Games at the tender age of 14, to claiming a pair of bronze medals at the Asian Games 2023 – in the women’s team and mixed doubles events – and most recently to winning the National Championships last November, there’s good reason behind the teenager’s billing.

Now, 16 months on from her last Challenger Tour appearance, the Delhi-based player will kick-start her campaign in the 3k JSW Willingdon Little Masters & Senior Tournament in Mumbai as the highest-ranked player in the field.

“I’m glad that I can start to play on the PSA Tour now. I haven’t really been able to play any events recently because there haven’t been that many in India and I’ve not been able to travel out that much. But now I’m getting to play with a lot more people from a senior level and I’m really excited to get going,” Anahat was quoted by PSA Tour website.

Speaking about the key ingredients needed to make this transition from junior to senior events, the youngster said: “I honestly think that experience plays a huge part when trying to move from the juniors to the seniors events. The seniors have just played so many more events at that level, and as I said, I’m not playing that many PSA’s at the moment, but some of the seniors have a huge amount of experience.

“Going forward, playing some of these senior events should hopefully start to show what some of my weaknesses are and how I can improve to reach that level.”

Balancing education and sport at such a young age can also prove tricky and the 15-year-old admitted that a fine balancing act had to be struck during her recent run to the British Junior Open final in Birmingham, as well as for her upcoming Challenger Tour appearance.

“I have my exams coming up. So, I’m going to be playing along with studying at the event, which I’m a little stressed out about! But I’m really excited that I can play a PSA Tour event in India though.

“Even throughout the British Junior Open tournament, I had to be studying quite a lot as my school work is really important. I’ve been trying to balance it out, and my school have been really supportive – they’ve moved around some of my exams for me so I could play in the British Junior Open and now the PSA event in India. It does get hard at some points, but I try to manage both as best as I can.”

Despite the wealth of success that Singh has enjoyed in recent times, the teenager refused to get carried away when asked about her goals for the season and moving further beyond that.

“I don’t really have a specific ranking goal this season, because it’s more just playing the tournaments right now for me. Maybe just trying to improve my ranking and reaching the top 100 would be good, and I would like to start playing more events outside of India in the future,” she concluded.



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