BCB appoints Habibul Bashar as head of women’s cricket

February 20, 2024
Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) on Tuesday appointed former national skipper Habibul Bashar as the head of women's cricket.

New Delhi, Feb 20 (IANS) Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) on Tuesday appointed former national skipper Habibul Bashar as the head of women’s cricket. Amidst the backdrop of the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, where many historic moments in Bangladesh cricket have unfolded, Bashar’s appointment was announced during a meeting of the women’s wing chaired by Nadel Chowdhury. Habibul worked as a member of the national selection panel from 2016 to 2024 until it was dissolved.

“We have discussed how to go forward in the coming days with women’s cricket,” said BCB Chairman, Nadel Chowhury to reporters. “I think it’s a huge plus for the women’s wing to have someone like Habibul Bashar as the head of the department. And, I think it’s a big opportunity for him.”

“As an in-charge, he will do the planning while David Moore (BCB programme head) will do the corresponding with different boards as well as ICC, and under the leadership of Habibul the operations of the women’s cricket will take place,” he added.

For Bashar, the recent successes of the women’s cricket team served as a catalyst for his decision to embrace this new responsibility. Inspired by their achievements, he envisions a future where women’s cricket in Bangladesh reaches greater heights. His vision extends beyond the boundaries of the pitch, with a focus on grassroots development and the promotion of the sport at the school level.

“There is a scope to work in this field. Certainly, the recent results of the women’s team inspired me to take up the job,” said Habibul adding that his priority lies in school cricket at the moment for girls.

“I think if we can have school cricket for women it will be a huge step forward considering nowadays only a few women cricketers are playing the game. I would like to go to different schools and try to promote women’s cricket and take others like current cricketers with me to help different school authorities understand the importance of women’s cricket,” he said.

Recognizing the need for increased exposure and opportunities, Bashar advocates for the introduction of franchise cricket for women. He believes such initiatives will not only elevate the profile of women’s cricket but also provide a platform for emerging talent to flourish. Additionally, he seeks to establish scholarships to support the training and development of promising young female cricketers, mirroring similar programs that have been successful in the men’s game.

“I would like to play as many matches as possible and if franchise cricket takes place it will certainly be helpful but along the way, we also need to put focus on women’s cricket because here the focus is very limited,” said Habibul. “I think if the franchise cricket takes place the focus will increase on women’s cricket. The more matches we play the better because it will create opportunities for everyone,” he said.

In collaboration with BCB programme head David Moore, Bashar aims to implement a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all aspects of women’s cricket, from grassroots initiatives to high-level competitions.

“I am happy to have David with me and we can have scholarship like the way we had for men’s cricket when we send some cricketers outside the country for better training so that they can develop and perform and have many such plans like this,” he concluded.



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