Zrey Dodhy wins gold on second day of Mumbai Horse Show 2024

Zrey Dodhy of Mumbai won the gold medal on the second day of the Mumbai Horse Show 2024

Mumbai, March 29 (IANS) Zrey Dodhy of Mumbai won the gold medal on the second day of the Mumbai Horse Show 2024, the four-day equestrian competition, at the Amateur Riding Club (ARC) course at the Mahalaxmi Race Course here on Friday.

Zrey Dodhy finished the course in 77 seconds with zero penalty points, riding on Acrobat from ARC while Janhvi Raheja finished second in 70 seconds with zero penalty points, riding on Lambiex from ARC.

It is a great opportunity for the more than 50 participants from various clubs around India participating in this event, who are preparing for the upcoming national championships.

This competition will be seen in horse riding disciplines of Dressage and Show Jumping at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai where all local and grassroots horse-riding clubs across India will be seen competing against each other in different categories.

Zrey Dodhy, 18 from Edubridge International School, said, “My first competition since the Nationals in December. I was really happy today getting the gold. It was a combined effort of me, my horse Acrobat, my coach Bobin Sir, the groom of the horse, the judges, and the show team. I think these events are a great way to gain more practice experience and I’m looking forward to the next events”.

The show is being judged by Col. Moni Alhawat and Shikha Mumdkar. The event Course designer Eklavya Sharma has laid out a spectacular course. Col. Moni Alhawat has been judging for the past 20 years and also judges international tournaments.

Eklavya Sharma is currently the only International Equestrian Federation (FEI) show-jumping course designer in India and has been a Course Designer since 2012. This is his 4th visit to ARC, his first-course design at ARC was at the FEI World Jumping Challenge in 2019.

He designed National and International Courses too. ARC’s international standard arena in Mumbai serves as an excellent platform for riders all over India to test and practice their skills in the upcoming competitions.


Show Jumping 1.0m for Juniors (ranking, name of the rider (Time & Penalty) Horse name, and Club name):

1. Zrey Dodhy (77 seconds with 0 Penalty) on Acrobat from ARC

2. Janhvi Raheja (70 seconds with 0 penalty) on Lambiex from ARC

3. Ronith Lahoti (68 seconds with 0 penalty) on Dancing Dynamite from RTL.



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