Fashion Forecast: Actors, labels hail Gen-Z for mixing style with comfort wear, brighter hues

Love it, hate it, but you surely can’t ignore the fashion statement of the Gen-Zs as they have brought back the baggy wear fever or the Y2K dressing with bright hues, “

Love it, hate it, but you surely can’t ignore the fashion statement of the Gen-Zs as they have brought back the baggy wear fever or the Y2K dressing with bright hues, “Zoomers” are being praised by popular actors such as Alaya F, Ayesha Kanga and even some luxury labels for “rewriting the rulebook” for style.

Talking about how she feels Gen-Zs have redefined fashion, Alaya F told IANS: “I definitely feel that Gen-z’s have redefined fashion. I feel they have influenced a lot of trends. They sort of grew up in the era of trends. Thanks to social media, everything is about the newest trend and concept growing viral.”

The actress feels that they have captilaised on that.

Gen-Zs are those who are born around the mid-to-late 1990s and the early 2010s.

On how they have given a fresh new take to fashion, Alaya shared: “Their fashion trends are fun, a lot more colours have come in.”

Comfort is key and that has made a comeback, said Alaya.

“Another aspect of Gen-Z dressing is that comfort has come back with baggier looks and even some cute mini skirts, crop tops, bright colours, Gen-Z style has brought variation to it and I think very customisable for each individual person.”

Their style caters to all.

“There is no body-type that will feel that Gen-Z style is daunting for them because it implies to everyone,” said Alaya.

For actress Ayesha Kanga, who has worked in the series ‘Class’, her generation can “explore new trends.

“I think every generation has enjoyed their way with style and managed to carry it out with so much history and flavour; of course the difference in my generation is that we can explore a new trend every few months because of the internet and perhaps so much more access,” Ayesha told IANS.

“We manage to redefine style in a way that is far more personal to the individual. It is really fun to see so much youth and so much freedom take over the fashion industry,” she added.

Esha Bhambri and Abhinav Gupta of the luxury label House of Fett agree that Gen-Zs stands out as a generation that is actively “rewriting the stylebook.”

They told IANS: “In the rapidly evolving world of fashion, Gen-Z stands out as a generation that is not just participating in trends, but actively rewriting the rulebook. Gen-Z’s impact on fashion is profound and far-reaching.”

The label heads added that they are not just redefining fashion statements but are also setting a new standard for future generations.

“Their approach to fashion underscores a deeper desire for authenticity, inclusivity, and meaningful change, making them true trailblazers in the fashion world,” they added.

Actress Barkha Singh, who has worked in Madhuri Dixit-Nene’s film ‘Maja Ma’, is ecstatic that not only they’ve introduced new fashion but trashed some old ones such as skinny jeans.

“The Gen-Zs have definitely redefined fashion. I think they started with trashing the skinny jeans, which we millennials absolutely loved. I actually enjoy Gen-Z fashion because they believe in a lot of baggy clothes and I absolutely love baggy clothes,” she told IANS.

Utkarsh Gupta, Co-Founder of sneaker label Comet feels that the Gen-Zs prioritises the underlying story behind their purchases, whether it’s the brand narrative or the product’s story.

He said: “In fashion and sneaker industries, products with compelling stories tend to stand out and go viral. For instance, sneaker drops often revolve around unique concepts or collaborations, like our ‘Jugnu’ drop inspired by fireflies, featuring a glow-in-the-dark design reminiscent of a night sky.

“Gen Z is drawn to these thoughtfully crafted narratives, seeing them as more than just fashion items but as expressions of creativity and storytelling.”

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