'Museum of Solutions' to co-create original song, short film & fraternity flag on peace

February 29, 2024
Mumbai-based 'Museum of Solutions' (MuSo), a children's museum in Mumbai, has partnered with Hip Hop musician Nimo Patel

Mumbai-based ‘Museum of Solutions’ (MuSo), a children’s museum in Mumbai, has partnered with Hip Hop musician Nimo Patel, Netflix filmmaker Safdar Rahman and artist Ruchi Bakshi to co-create an original song, film and fraternity flags on peace.

Patel will co create a peace anthem with 24 young children from the Maximum city and is currently composing an instrumental track for which the children will provide original lyrics and vocals.

The original peace anthem is expected to express hope for the safety of children all over the world, and respect for the courage and resilience that youth in conflict zones continue to show.

Film-maker Safdar Rahman will collaborate with 15 young children in Mumbai to leverage the art of simple and powerful visual storytelling, as a medium of expression and advocacy for peace. These children will, through basic tools and concepts of filmmaking, co-create an original film on peace – right from scripting to recording and editing the final short film.

The purpose of the film is to capture the idea of peace from the lenses of Mumbai’s children & teenagers and convey a message of hope and solidarity for those children living in conflict zones.

Bakshi will work with 40 children from Mumbai to explore the idea of fraternity, understand the symbolism of flags, unleash their artistic side, and create their own version of a ‘Fraternity Flag’.

Through an immersive art workshop, Bakshi will work with these children to connect with their common human identity, visualize elements of peace and fraternity, use different colours and textures, and create their own original version of the flag.

The Peace Carnival is scheduled on March 9 at the museum and is expected to bring together more than 500 children from schools and NGOs in Mumbai city.

The museum has also partnered with global education organisation, Teach For India’s Kids Education Revolution, to distribute this original peace anthem, film and flag to thousands of children living in conflict zones in Palestine, Armenia, Afghanistan, and beyond. These co-created original renditions of the peace anthem, short film and artwork will be digitally launched & distributed that can be taken to schools across the world. s to the children living in these conflict zones.

Tanvi Jindal Shete, Founder of the museum says, “We are currently witnessing four conflicts across the globe. There is a need for our future generations to be sensitised on these conflicts and the importance of peace to develop and grow the global economies.”

Musician Nimo Patel asserts, “It is important for us to bring this conversation of peace to the forefront, otherwise the conversation of war & conflict is what becomes the norm. We need to not only talk about it but practice it. Kids do not only learn what they see, they learn from how they feel.”

“Sometimes we just need to look the children in the eye and tell them that it is rough, but we are with them. That peace often needs to be fought for, it is worth it, and we are willing to do it with them, together,” adds filmmaker Safdar Rahman.

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