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Rakul Preet Singh recalls her ‘once in a lifetime experience’

Rakul Preet Singh takes the driver's seat on the sets of 'Sardar ka Grandson'

Known for some of the most critically acclaimed Tamil & Telugu movies, actress Rakulpreet Singh took the driver’s seat (quite literally) on the sets of ‘Sardar ka Grandson’, an upcoming Netflix family drama. A quirky comedy revolving around a relationship between Amreek Singh played by Arjun Kapoor and Neena Gupta who plays ‘Sardar’ Rupinder Kaur, his aging grandmother whose idiosyncratic behaviour drives everyone crazy. Rakul who plays the character of Radha is a sensible, quiet girl who is tired of Amreek’s shortcomings.

The dramedy is a sweet tale where petty egos, enmity, borders and oceans of red tape are all finally defeated by the simple tenacity of one determined man. Carrying the weight gently on her shoulders Rakulpreet leads from behind in this beautiful family drama.

Talking about her experience on the sets of ‘Sardar ka Grandson’, Rakulpreet said, “I personally like driving a lot and the entire process was a lot more fun than one could have imagined. As they say driving the truck is not easy, but I was able to take it on confidently. We had a truck driver on set to train us how to manoeuvre the big truck which helped me pull it off. On set people were surprised with my driving skills, once you watch the movie you will understand it better. It was like a once in a lifetime experience for me.” Rakul was seen on sets driving the truck better than Arjun Kapoor and even the actual owner of the driver. With Arjun riding shotgun, Rakul also managed to effortlessly reverse the truck during the take.

A grandmother’s last wish, a dedicated grandson and a heartwarming journey, Netflix’s upcoming film ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’ promises warmth, love and celebration of the bonds within a large Punjabi family. The family entertainer is all set to release on 18 May 2021. Bringing together some of the finest talent from the country, the film is produced by Emmay Entertainment and directed by Kaashvi Nair – set to release on May 18, 2021 only on Netflix. The talented ensemble cast comprises Neena Gupta, Arjun Kapoor, Rakulpreet Singh, Kanlwajit Singh, John Abraham, Aditi Rao Hydari and Kumud Mishra.

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