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'Ship of Theseus' helmer Anand Gandhi says 'Kantara' celebrates toxic masculinity

Filmmaker-producer Anand Gandhi, who is known for his films like ‘Ship of Theseus’, ‘An Insignificant Man’ and ‘Tumbbad’, has said that the Kannada sensation movie ‘Kantara’ celebrates toxic masculinity and narrow-mindedness.

Both the films share quite a few things in common such as both are rooted in folk tales, have been breakout hits that nobody really expected and present a story from particular regions of the states of Maharashtra (‘Tumbbad’) and Karnataka (‘Kantara’). But despite these similarities, Anand feels that the two films are largely different in their tone and the message that they wish to convey.

Taking to his Twitter handle on Saturday, Anand, who served as the creative producer on ‘Tumbbad’, wrote, “‘Kantara’ is nothing like ‘Tumbbad’. My idea behind ‘Tumbbad’ was to use the horror as an allegory of toxic masculinity and parochialism. ‘Kantara’ is a celebration of these (sic).”

However, the comment made by Gandhi has stirred a debate on Twitter.

A netizen pointed out the difference between the two films from another perspective as they wrote, “‘Kantara’ depicts the journey from debauchery to enlightenment, the nativism playing an enabling role. ‘Tumbbad’ is the exact opposite — a glorification of debauchery and stereotyping of the natives. You’re right — ‘Kantara’ is nothing like ‘Tumbbad’.”

To which Anand replied by tweeting, “Your perspective is making me think. Thank you for sharing it.”

Vasan Bala, the director of the hit streaming movie ‘Monica, O My Darling’, too jumped in on the debate as he mentioned that ‘Tumbbad’ was originally director Rahi Anil Barve’s idea inferring that Anand was falsely claiming the ownership of the idea. Quoting Anand’s tweet, Vasan wrote, “‘Tumbbad’ was Rahi’s idea…that apart haan point taken.”

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