Siddhartha Jatla’s ‘In the Belly of a Tiger’ set for its world premiere at Berlin International Film Festival

'In the Belly of a Tiger', a captivating human narrative, directed and cinematographed by Siddhartha Jatla to premiere at74th Berlin International Film Festival.

‘In the Belly of a Tiger’, directed and cinematographed by Siddhartha Jatla is poised for its world premiere at the distinguished 74th Berlin International Film Festival. This film promises a captivating human narrative intertwined with visually stunning cinematography, a testament to Jatla’s profound connection with the art of filmmaking since his formative years.

Co-written by Siddhartha and Amanda Mooney, the story unfolds in rural India, delving into the resilience of the human spirit amidst the harsh realities of power dynamics where the vulnerable are exploited by the powerful. The film centres on the fundamental right of human dignity, as a family grapples with economic insecurity. The film contrasts the beauty of the human spirit, and a deeply personal love story, with this harsh reality and calls for human society to bring hope and dignity to families in need.

Siddharth, a cinematography graduate of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), possesses a rich cinematic heritage. His journey in cinematography took him to the Asian Film Academy as part of a cultural exchange programme during the Busan Film Festival.The seeds of his cinematic journey were sown with his first short film, ‘The Artist’, which premiered at Busan in 2012.

Siddhartha’s debut feature, ‘Love and Shukla’ (2017), a collaboration with co-writer Amanda Mooney, marked a significant milestone in his career. Premiering at Busan and later traveling to Tallinn Black Nights, Shanghai International Film Festival and over 40 international film festivals, the film received widespread acclaim, earning accolades such as the NETPAC award and the Signis award, and securing a place on Netflix.

Now, with ‘In the Belly of a Tiger’, Siddhartha continues his exploration bringing unseen human stories to a world stage. The film has received support from the Busan Script Development Fund (ACF), participated in the NFDC Script Lab and Work in Progress Lab, Script Pool Tallinn and was part of LIM (Less is More, 2019). ‘In the Belly of a Tiger’ takes its place in the Forum section at Berlinale 2024.

Featuring a cast of mostly non-professional actors, the film boasts a technical crew that features some of the finest masters in world cinema, including music composer Umebayashi Shigeru (‘The Grandmaster,’ ‘In the Mood for Love’), sound designer Resul Pookutty (‘Slumdog Millionaire’), and colour grading by the mainland Chinese studio owned and operated by renowned fantasy and action director Wuershan (‘Creation of the Gods I – Kingdom of Storms’).

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