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Corona lockdown: Suniel Shetty comes for rescue for aspiring talents!

Covid 19 scare, lockdown due to Corona virus???.. No issues says Bollywood’s last action hero Suniel Shetty

Taking the auditions to an altogether different level, Suniel Shetty has come with unique innovations that will make aspiring actors, writers and other creative talents more than happy.

Suniel Shetty has planned a novel challenge to engage the youth and set their creative juices flowing, while simultaneously allowing talent to showcase their skills without hindrance or worry. And in a time when auditions are next to impossible – it provides job opportunities to thousands of talent worldwide.

His company, FTC Talent Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd and its team – with newly appointed CEO Omar Qureshi – (the well known movie expert) have put together ‘FTCShorts’ – a Short film challenge that can be created at home using your mobile phone. The movie must be shot within your home and you can act in it as well. You can also use your family members, pets, props – all that’s available at home – if needed.

Registered talent of FTC Talent Media & Entertainment company can participate. That’s not so difficult if you’re an actor, filmmaker or editor. Even a beginner. Simply log onto and register and you can send in as many entries as you like. Remember the registration is absolutely free.

The rules are simple. Some of the primary ones being –

1. You must register as talent (actor, director, writer, editor, etc) to participate. Registration is free.

2. You can send in as many entries as you like but the work must be an original creation and filmed at home.

3. You must only use a mobile to shoot though you can use editing and sound support from available resources.

4. All work must be original and not offensive to any caste, creed, religion, political outfit or any nationality or race.

FTC has lined up mega cash prizes and giveaways too for the best entries. With the biggest cash awards going to the top three films (makers) and separate super exciting prizes of hampers as well – going to the best director, best actor, best sound and best editing, etc.

The winning films will be showcased on Television and/or on streaming platforms. And selected winners will be given opportunities to work on an upcoming film project! Plus a chance to assist on an FTC Talent Media & Entertainment production under an able director.

Now audition at home and get a chance to work as actor or assistant director on one of the big films being produced by FTC Talent Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

So the nation-wide lockdown and social distancing is no worry for aspiring talents! All it takes is your mobile phone, your creative thought and your home, to strike gold.

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