Vishal Dadlani Stands in Support of CISF Lady Who Slapped Kangana Ranaut

Vishal Dadlani's support of the CISF lady added fuel to the fire, with many lauding him for standing up for what is right.
June 8, 2024
Vishal Dadlani and Kangana Ranaut
Vishal Dadlani and Kangana Ranaut_pic courtesy Instagram

Vishal Dadlani, the renowned music composer and singer, recently made headlines for his vocal support of a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) lady who slapped Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. The incident occurred during the shooting of a film in Mumbai, where Kangana reportedly made derogatory remarks about the CISF personnel.

In a series of tweets, Vishal Dadlani expressed his admiration for the CISF lady’s courage and condemned Kangana’s behavior. He praised the CISF for their professionalism and criticized Kangana for her disrespectful attitude towards the security personnel. Vishal’s tweets quickly gained traction on social media, with many applauding him for speaking out against what they perceived as Kangana’s arrogance.

The incident sparked a debate on social media, with opinions divided on whether the CISF lady’s actions were justified. Some praised her for standing up to Kangana’s alleged disrespect, while others criticized her for resorting to violence. Vishal Dadlani’s support of the CISF lady added fuel to the fire, with many lauding him for standing up for what is right.

This incident is not the first time Kangana Ranaut has found herself in hot water due to her controversial statements. The actress is known for her outspoken nature and has often courted controversy with her comments on various issues. However, this incident has reignited the debate on the need for respect and dignity in public discourse, regardless of one’s status or celebrity.

In conclusion, Vishal Dadlani’s support of the CISF lady who slapped Kangana Ranaut has brought to light the importance of respecting others, especially those in positions of authority. While opinions may vary on the appropriateness of the CISF lady’s actions, it is clear that the incident has sparked a much-needed conversation on civility and decorum in public interactions.

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