Angela Bassett had no idea of Buck's sexuality on '9-1-1'

Oliver Stark's character of Buck on '9-1-1' was something that even the cast of the show didn't know about.

The sexuality of British actor Oliver Stark’s character of Buck on ‘9-1-1’ was something that even the cast of the show didn’t know about. Recently, the 100th episode of the procedural ended with Buck sharing a kiss with Tommy (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), and it has left even the cast member Angela Bassett revealing she was also very surprised, reports ‘Variety’.

She said, “I just saw it today! I was a little behind, so I had to thankfully I could go to Hulu and catch up on it.”

The actress told ‘Variety’, “He was quite the ladies’ man from the beginning the wild card so this is something new and surprising for him as well.”

As per ‘Variety’, Bassett, who has portrayed Sergeant Athena Grant-Nash alongside Stark since the drama’s 2018 debut, added that she heard about the kiss after it was done.

“So I asked him, I said, ‘How was it?’ He said, ‘When you close your eyes, it all feels the same’,” she said with a laugh.

Following Thursday’s episode, Stark opened up about the character’s sexuality, saying that showrunner Tim Minear called him during the third episode of the season and asked him what he thought about the storyline and making his character bisexual.

“He had already been in contact with Lou, who plays Tommy he wanted to know that he was on board before bringing it to me. So not with too much notice he said, ‘I think this is the most truthful way to continue Buck’s storyline.’ And I said, ‘I 100 per cent agree,’” Stark said.

“I think it’s deserved and I think it’s earned and I am excited to get the chance to tell it.”

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