Sigourney Weaver not hopeful of becoming grandmother

Sigourney Weaver, 73, is keeping her hopes of becoming a grandmother "in check" because her only child is "ambivalent" about starting a family.

Actress Sigourney Weaver, 73, has revealed that she is keeping her hopes of becoming a grandmother “in check” because her only child is “ambivalent” about starting a family. The ‘Alien’ star said her only child Char, 33, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, isn’t sure about having kids with the “world being the way it is”.

As per Female First UK, Sigourney told Saga Exceptional: “Well, I try to keep those feelings (about becoming a grandmother) in check because my offspring is very ambivalent about all that, with the world being the way it is.”

Sigourney shares Char with her husband Jim Simpson, who she married in 1984.

However, the ‘Avatar’ star is a proud aunt to nephews and nieces who now have children of their own, but the actress feels sad that they all live quite far away.

“My wonderful family of nephews and nieces are far away and now they all have children. My feeling is that I’m a far-away kind of aunt and that is very frustrating, because I can only interact with them in certain ways and see them when I can,” she said.

“Another reason I cherish being with my nephews and nieces and their rather large families is that, as someone who has worked a lot in her life, I love being with my family and enjoying the strength of the family”, she added.

Sigourney previously told the ‘Sunday Times’ that she and her husband are thrilled that Char has shunned Hollywood and taken up a career as a teacher.

“They (Char) are non-binary. They teach at Columbia, digital storytelling, bots, misinformation, they are someone who is excited about AI and not frightened about it. They were not at all interested in doing what I do. That made my husband and me very happy,” she said.

Sigourney is set to return to screen next month playing grandmother June in new series ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’, which was filmed in Australia.

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