Rajit Dev dedicates ‘Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab’ to Pandit Birju Maharaj

July 26, 2023
Rajit Dev is back as a producer, director and choreographer of 'Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab'. The video stars Nishant Bhat and Heli Daruwala.

Choreographer Rajit Dev is on fire! After the super success of the song ‘Yaar Ka Sataya Hua Hai’ (starring Shehnaaz Gill & Nawazuddin Siddiqui) as a choreographer, and Psycho with Harrdy Sandhu, he is back as a producer, director and choreographer of ‘Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab’. The video stars talented choreographer Nishant Bhat and Heli Daruwala.

Speaking about his maiden venture as a producer Rajit says,”This marks my first work for Rajitdev Entertainment. I have always been approached to direct and produce songs, but this song was special and close to my heart. I felt the beauty of the vocals of talented Kavita Seth and her son Kanishk along with the soulful lyrics. I fell in love with the song instantly and felt I should start my production journey with this song.”

When quizzed about the casting of his talented choreographer friend Nishant Bhat, Rajit says, “When I was hearing the song and creating a storyline for it, I knew I wanted to do a music video with a lot of dancing in it. There are many music videos in Western style, but as an Indian I was looking at classical dance forms for a very long time but never got the opportunity.”

“This song gave me the chance to showcase Kathak which is one of my favourite dance forms. The only person I knew who could pull this off was Nishant. He’s a brilliant dancer when it comes to Indian styles. And after Bigg Boss he has become a household name also. I’m so proud of him.”

Rajit also adds, “I have not learnt Kathak but I have done Bharatnatyam when I was a kid. I’m always up for trying new things in my work. What I did was a fusion of Kathak because the song itself has a very classical vibe fused with Western music. Pandit Birju Maharaj’s contribution to Kathak is exemplary and so many people got to know this art form from him. This is my small attempt to dedicate a work of love to him.”

‘Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab’ is already getting viewed and Rajit is extremely happy about that. He says, “I’m really happy that the song is growing on people and reaching the audience. I’m also glad with people telling me that this is the kind of storytelling we miss in songs. I have got compliments saying it’s such a feel-good music video. You feel happy for the characters and you live with them for the 4 minutes of the song.”

“Thanks to both my actors Nishant and Heli for playing their parts wholeheartedly. Also a big thanks to Kumar Sharma who’s also the choreographer of the song, he’s the master in Kathak. A good successful music video is all about soulful music, perfect casting, and how well you have executed the song.”

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