Unveiling the Journey: Amrit Walia’s path in the entertainment World

February 16, 2024
‘Fireflies Parth Aur Jugnu’, where Amrit Walia debuted as a producer, was born from a concept of using animation and real action in storytelling.

Amrit Walia, is a successful filmmaker who was driven by a childhood fascination watching movies aired on DD National and DD Metro. Her journey began with a profound love for Hindi films and a curiosity about the intricacies of filmmaking. Graduating in Mass Communication, Amrit further fueled her aspirations, leading to exploring her directorial skills with Docu Drama on Munshi Premchand during her college years.

After completing her Master’s, Amrit entered the industry, initially joining Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited’s music and entertainment channel. However, the urge to explore different facets of filmmaking led her to diverse roles, from assisting writers and directors to delving into the realm of casting. Her experiences at Zee Studios broadened her perspective, offering insights into content creation and project management.

After many years of toiling in the industry, Amrit launched her own production house, Cinnamon Media and Artworks. It stemmed from a desire to oversee projects from conception to execution, reflecting her unwavering commitment to storytelling. Despite the challenges of being a debut producer, Amrit’s perseverance and passion propelled her forward.

One of her most ambitious projects, ‘Fireflies Parth Aur Jugnu’, where she made her debut as a producer, was born from a decade-long concept of using animation and real action in storytelling.

She adds, “Being a new producer was not easy, having worked in the industry definitely helps but with absolutely no background and no Godfather things are more challenging than they appear on the outside. While there were challenges from the very beginning, from getting the project approved, to getting the right team, the right cast to execute and to even finally deliver it within the stipulated timelines. While it has been challenging, it has also been rewarding in many ways. Especially the appreciation we received from the parents for Fireflies Parth Aur Jugnu. The success of the show has only encouraged us at Cinnamon to explore more with the stories and innovative storytelling to bring a variety of not justice content but also how its served to the audience.”

Amrit is currently working on her next project which is equally more interesting for an OTT network.

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