Ramnitu Chaudhary: …I kissed a girl, and I liked it

March 2, 2024
Ramnitu Chaudhary has never done any bold scenes in her career so far and found it challenging to film a love-making scene in the show.

Ramnitu will soon be seen in the second season of Altt Balaji’s ‘Honey Trap Squad’. The young actress who has been a part of South films like Mr. Painter, Dhanush, Rajkumari has never done any bold scenes in her career so far and found it challenging to film a love-making scene in the show. Though she was not comfortable initially, her co-star helped her through.

She said, “I have never done anything bold in my life before and this was for the first time I was doing a love-making scene and that too with a girl. It was quite challenging to film a love-making scene with a girl and I was not very comfortable with it in the beginning but I had a lovely co-star and she helped me a lot and made me comfortable and she said that we are just actors and you don’t have to think much. And when I saw the scene afterwards, it came out so well and it was all because of her. I would say that I kissed a girl, and I liked it.”

She is in love with her character and shared that she was able to relate to her easily.

“I love my character. The best thing I liked about her is that she is very enthusiastic. She is a fighter and a headstrong girl. She can solve any problem that comes her way, and she does not rely on anyone,” she said.

“I can really relate to her because I believe that we should always be ready to take on challenges in life and fight for ourselves. We shouldn’t trust anyone easily and have the gut feeling that you can do anything,” she added.

The series is a thriller and she was excited to be a part of it. She said, “Thrillers are always good and when you can give a thrill to people and they get excited about what is going to happen next it’s always good.”

Sharing her experience of working with her co-stars and the producer Santosh Gupta, she said, “I had a wonderful team to work with. All the co-stars were so nice and so cooperative, and it was fun shooting with them, I had a great time shooting with the whole crew. Santosh ji is a gem of a person, he is a wonderful and a cooperative person and he takes care of artistes so well that one should learn from him.”

Ramnitu is happy with how her career is going but would love to explore other platforms and genres. “It has to be something different from the work that I have done in the past. It should be challenging; it should be everything. I want to do all kinds of characters I don’t want to bound myself with something particular but everything,” she ended.

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