Anjali Tatrari loving her 'boss-woman' look in 'Vanshaj'

February 29, 2024

Transitioning from Yuvika’s simple and reserved appearance in the show ‘Vanshaj’, actress Anjali Tatrari has stepped into Yukti’s shoes, embodying a completely new character with a bold and modern look.

After the show’s one-year leap and her character Yuvika’s shocking death, Anjali embarked on a new journey portraying Yukti Multani, Yuvika’s doppelganger.

As Yuvika, Anjali was seen in a simple avatar — in Indian wear and sarees. Now as Yukti, she embraces a ‘boss-woman’ aesthetic with a new choice of clothing and accessories.

Sporting coloured lens and outfits ranging from chic blazers to elegant dresses, Yukti exudes confidence and authority through her power dressing.

“Playing Yukti is such a refreshing change… I was really excited about it. My new look as Yukti is completely different from Yuvika. With Yuvika, it was all about minimal makeup and simple styling, but with Yukti, it’s a whole new world. We’re experimenting with bold eyeliners, diverse hairstyles, and trendy outfits,” Anjali said.

“The variety is endless, and as an actor, it’s incredibly exciting to explore these different looks. On a lighter note, I have to say, the added bonus is that it’s giving me so much content for my social media,” she added.

“From ‘get ready with me’ reels to showcasing different outfits and looks, I’m loving every bit of it. Yukti’s swag and boss lady vibes are something I’m thoroughly enjoying portraying.”

‘Vanshaj’ airs on Sony SAB.

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