Anuj Sachdeva calls Karan V. Grover 'a human search engine'

April 25, 2024
Anuj Sachdeva has praised his co-actor, Karan V. Grover.

Actor Anuj Sachdeva, who portrays Mann Singh in the television show ‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare’, has praised his co-actor, Karan V. Grover. Anuj shared that Karan is quite straightforward and possesses immense knowledge about many things.

In the show, Anuj and Karan’s characters have a different equation where Mann Singh (played by Anuj) is always looking for an opportunity to dethrone Surya Pratap (played by Karan). However, Anuj and Karan have a solid camaraderie off-screen, enjoying each other’s company between shots.

Besides filming, Karan and Anuj share a passion for discussing politics, acting, finance, spirituality, and fitness, finding common ground in their views.

Speaking about Karan, Anuj said: “I’ve known Karan since before ‘Dhruv Tara’, and I must say, he’s not someone you warm up to easily. He’s very straightforward, which some might find off-putting at first. But as we got talking on the set, I realised there’s more to him than meets the eye. Karan is a human search engine; he has answers for everything. We bond over our love for cinema and analysing acting skills. Karan’s not just funny; he’s also the go-to guy for quirky social media captions! Despite his serious demeanour on set, working with him is always a blast.”

For Karan, working alongside Anuj on ‘Dhruv Tara’ has been an absolute joy.

The actor said: “We share so much off-screen, from discussing politics and the acting process to chatting about money and spirituality. Our similar sense of humour is a real bonus, it keeps the set alive with laughter. And our shared approach to fitness only adds to our camaraderie. It’s wonderful to have such a strong bond with my co-actors; it makes the work not only enjoyable but also incredibly fulfilling.”

‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare’ airs Monday to Saturday on Sony SAB.

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