Ayub Khan seeks to convey importance of love over societal prejudices with 'Neerja'

Ayub Khan said through his character’s portrayal, he seeks to convey the importance of love and acceptance, over societal norms and prejudices.

Actor Ayub Khan, who is essaying the role of Bijoy Bagchi in ‘Neerja… Ek Nayi Pehchaan’, said through his character’s portrayal, he seeks to convey the importance of love and acceptance, over societal norms and prejudices.

The show is a captivating family drama that shows the lengths Protima (played by Sneha Wagh), a mother will go to secure her daughter, Neerja’s (younger Neerja played by Myra Vaikul) future, while residing in Kolkata’s infamous red-light district, Sonagachi.

As she comes of age, sparks of love fly between Neerja (played by Aastha Sharma) and Abeer Bagchi (played by Rajveer Singh), a scion of a reputed family. This bond is opposed by Didun (played by Kamya Panjabi), the madam of Sonagachi; Bijoy (played by Ayub), Abeer’s father; and Shubhra Bagchi (played by Vibha Chibber) Abeer’s paternal aunt. What remains to be seen is if a life of dignity, and love is on the cards for Neerja.

Neerja is innocent and lovable, while Abeer is righteous and hardworking. The captivating tale will unfurl how Neerja and Abeer’s paths converge. It will capture how Abeer’s father, Bijoy plays a catalyst in taking their love story ahead.

In what ways the viewers will connect with his character’s principles, Ayub said: “I hope the audience connects with Bijoy’s values and his unwavering encouragement of his son’s choices.”

Bijoy is a 55-year-old father of three siblings including Abeer, and is the head of the Bagchi family. He is a man of principles, who honours his tradition and morals to the hilt.

He runs the family business of construction and power loom with the help of his two sons, Sarthak and Kaushik. He holds a special place in his heart for his third son Abeer.

“Bijoy embodies the essence of a supportive father figure, unyielding in his dedication to his child, despite society’s judgments. Through my portrayal, I seek to convey the importance of love and acceptance over societal norms and prejudices. I hope the show instills empathy in people,” he added.

Ayub further said that as an actor he is intrigued by roles that allow him to explore the complexities of human emotions, and showcase the power of love and empathy.

“Bijoy’s character presented me with the chance to delve into the depths of a father’s love and portray the inner conflicts and challenges he faces while upholding his principles. I was captivated by the chance to bring Bijoy’s journey to life and highlight the importance of familial bonds and the strength that comes from staying true to one’s core values,” shared Ayub.

Talking about the preparations for the role, the 54-year-old actor said, “I rely mostly on my instincts and aim to maintain a sense of spontaneity and authenticity in my performances. When working on ‘Neerja’, the team provided me with a detailed narration, giving me insights into the character’s complexities. Building on this framework, I followed my approach of observing and interpreting the character, allowing it to naturally unfold within the story”.

Ayub concluded: “’Neerja’ is a remarkable story that beautifully portrays the deep connection between a mother and her daughter, navigating through difficult situations that threaten the daughter’s prospects. Through its powerful exploration of societal norms and a range of emotions, the show provides viewers with a heartfelt and thought-provoking story.”

Produced by Sudhir Sharma’s Sunshine Productions, ‘Neerja’ airs on Colors.

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