Durga Rao Tompaki named captain of Indian men's cricket team for blind, Sunil Ramesh his deputy

February 15, 2024
Durga Rao Tompaki will captain the Indian men's cricket team for the Blind while Sunil Ramesh will be his deputy in the upcoming Triangular series in Dubai

New Delhi, Feb 15 (IANS) Durga Rao Tompaki will captain the Indian men’s cricket team for the Blind while Sunil Ramesh will be his deputy in the upcoming Triangular series in Dubai, the Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) announced here on Thursday.

The Indian men’s cricket team for the blind along with teams from Pakistan and Sri Lanka will feature in a Triangular Series in Dubai from February 22 to February 25.

Speaking on the announcement ahead of the Tri-series, the Chairman of the Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) Dr Mahantesh G. Kivadasannavar said, “Cricket for the Blind will grow only when we play against the good teams and win matches against the tough teams. This is another triangular series and an opportunity for the players to play the tough games and bring laurels to the country. I would like to thank Ajay Kumar Reddy for his leadership skills, and I am happy to announce the new captain and vice-captain of the Indian Men’s Cricket team for the Blind.

“Both are good and strong players, and we are sure under their leadership cricket for the blind in India will bring more laurels to the Motherland,” he said. “It’s the biggest honour and privilege to lead the Indian Team. I have played for the last 10 years, and all my seniors and fellow teammates have helped to this day. I am grateful to all for having that faith in me and I am sure we all will work hard and make the country proud” said the captain, Durga Rao.

Speaking on the occasion Kausik Mukhopadhyay Managing Director at Air Water India Private Limited said, “We at Air Water India (AWIPL) are committed to work towards the wellbeing of the communities where we operate and beyond. Taking a leaf out of our parent company’s dedication towards sustainable CSR interventions, we have adopted UNSDGs #4 & #6 to channelize our energies in the space of corporate social responsibility.”

Speaking on the occasion the legendary Indian cricketer Mohammed Kaif said, “I am happy to be here supporting Cricket Association for the Blind in India and Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled in their endeavour of promoting cricket for the Visually Impaired across the World. I was here last time wishing the teams the best for the IBSA World Games 2023.

“Sports is the best platform to build an inclusive society and Cricket has the potential to bring in the change the society needs. Cricket for the Visually Impaired has proven to be a very positive transformative tool to empower and transform the visually impaired. I am glad that I am here because the players inspire us by bringing laurels to the country and they need our support. Let us all support cricket for the Visually Impaired and I wish the captain and the entire team the best,” Kaif said.

The 17-member India squad for the Triangular Series has been chosen based on their performances in the 6th edition of the Nagesh Trophy which concluded early this month. Debaraj Behera (B1) from Odisha, Sanjay Kumar Shah (B1) from Delhi and Magunta Sai (B2) from Karnataka have received maiden call-ups to the National team for the Triangular series.

The coaching camp for the Indian men’s blind cricket team is being held from February 8 to February 20 in Bangalore. India will play Pakistan and Sri Lanka with one match each and the top 2 teams based on the points will play the finals on February 25.

The Indian squad:

Nareshbhai Balubhai Tumda (B1, Gujarat), Nilesh Yadav (B1, Delhi), Ajaykumar Reddy Illuri (B1, Andhra Pradesh), Debaraj Behera (B1, Odisha), Maharaja Sivasubramanian (B1, T.N), Sanjay Kumar Shah (B1, Delhi), Venkateswara Rao Dunna (B2, A.P), Pankaj Bhue (B2, Odisha), Lokesha (B2, Karnataka), Nakula Badanayak (B2, Odisha), Magunta Sai (B2, Karnataka), Durga Rao Tompaki (B3, A.P), Sunil Ramesh (B3, Karnataka), Sukhram Majhi (B3, Odisha), Ravi Amiti (B3, A.P), Dinesh Rathva (B3, Gujarat), Dhinagar. G (B3, Pondicherry).



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