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BREAKING: Will Madhur Bhandarkar’s INDU SARKAR court verdict set an example?

Bollywood has always alleged itself to a ‘soft’ target in the hands of politicians and moral policia. Will the court verdict on Madhur Bhandarkar’s INDU SARKAR set a trend?

The Bombay High Court had reportedly rejected a petition to stay the release of INDU SARKAR. The petition was filed by Priya Singh Paul who claims to be a biological daughter of late politician Sanjay Gandhi, claiming that the film's trailer maligns the image of Sanjay and former prime minister Indira Gandhi.The movie will now release on July 28 2017.


Will the verdict set trend and stop the arm twisting by politicians and moral police of this country?

Madhur Bhandarkar's upcoming political drama INDU SARKAR based on the Emergency. The national award winning filmmaker (CHANDINI BAR, PAGE 3 and TRAFFIC SIGNAL) says that his film is 70 % fiction and 30% reality but the protest against the film was unstoppable.

The world is divided over this fiasco which has given the much needed publicity to INDU SARKAR but the bigger point is when will this arm twisting stop. There is a counter argument over Rahul Dholakia’s national award winning film PARZANIA starring Naseeruddin Shah and Sarika falling prey to political pressure and getting banned in Gujarat. The protestors of INDU SARKAR where eyeing this opportunity to get even and have a stay on the release of the film.

However, Court has rejected the plea. Banned films like PARZANIA and BAGHI (starring Om Puri and Girja Shankar) – the Punjabi film was banned after protest by a certain section of a community. The movie went on to win the National Award for the best Punjabi film

The Court has not bogged under pressure and given its verdict. INDU SARKAR is already cleared by the CBFC with a U/A certificate after the makers agreed for the 12 proposed cuts.. so who else other than the audience has the authority to decide on what should be watched and what not. Will the court verdict on INDU SARKAR silence the opportunist politician and moral policia of this nation?

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