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Sohum Shah: Social media numbers get you work but it doesn’t matter to me

Actor-producer Sohum Shah says, it has never been a criterion for him to get a role or cast someone in a role

Actor-producer Sohum Shah says while social media today has the ability to help actors bag roles, it has never been a criterion for him to get a role or cast someone in a role.

“I feel there is an impact of social media but everyone thinks differently and makes things in their own way. Social media numbers can get you work. But the process which I follow, it doesn’t matter to me. I only cast people on acting skills. If I want to be cast, it also has to be (based) on my work. In my thinking process, social media is not very important,” he reasoned.

Sohum says that he has been trying his best to not let plans decide his future, adding that he wants to be more spontaneous.

“I am a businessman and my struggle is to break this conditioning. As an artiste you need to stay in the moment. So a businessman and an artiste are different in that sense. A businessman needs to plan and an artiste doesn’t. I don’t think of longterm plans and try to live in the moment,” he says.

Sohum was recently seen in the film “The Big Bull”, which released digitally. He is eager to know how people have liked the film.

“For me, this is like an exam. There is excitement, nervousness, my look is different from what I had in ‘Tumbbad’. Here, he (refers to his character) is scared. I am excited to see how people will react. It’s like an exam report,” he says.

The film has been released directly on OTT, and Sohum says that this has its set of advantages and disadvantages.

“It has its plus and minuses. As an actor and producer, cinemas are always the first choice. It is a dream to see yourself on the big screen as an actor and, as a producer, you want to see your film at the box office. ‘The Big Bull’ is a mainstream movie. It has songs and larger-than-life characters. We miss a theatrical release. But OTT is also a great platform. A lot of people watch films on OTT and they don’t watch movies in cinemas,” he says.

–By Anjuri Nayar Singh

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