Helen Mirren: No point getting upset over awards snubs

February 17, 2024
Helen Mirren said that there is no point in being "upset" at a lack of awards nominations _ pic courtesy news agency

Veteran Hollywood star Helen Mirren said that there is no point in being “upset” at a lack of awards nominations, though she does wish actress Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig had been nominated for Oscars.

The 78-year-old actress found it disheartening when Robbie and Gerwig failed to be recognised in the Academy Awards shortlists for their work on ‘Barbie’.

Helen told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “You can’t get upset about things like that, honestly. What is fantastic is that ‘Barbie’ was the highest-grossing film that Warner Brothers has ever had in their lives and do you remember who won best film of the year before last?

“I mean, of course I would have loved to have seen Greta (be nominated), and I think she should win best (director).

“It’s so difficult, it’s not a running race, you know, you can’t — Christopher Nolan’s work on ‘Oppenheimer’ was spectacular, extraordinary. But for me, Greta’s work was so out there, it was so brave, it was something we’d never seen before. I just love the fact that the audience responded the way they did.”

Helen also confirmed rumours that there is a deleted scene from ‘Barbie’ in which she fought with a “drunk” Olivia Colman as the ‘Crown’ actress attempted to take over her narrator job, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She said: “We did shoot that scene, yes we did. I’d love to see it sometime.”

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