Zor Lagaa Ke… Haiya Music Review

Child entertainers have been thumbs down affair so far but ZOR LAGA KE…HAIYA promises something different and innovative with its thought-provoking subject. Veteran Mithun Chakraborty leads the bandwagon of chirpy and vivacious kids, spreading out global message of green revolution. It may surprise us all that ZOR LAGAA KE… HAIYA (ZLKH) has been one of most celebrated films from INDIA this year and has so far been with rewarded with awards like Silver Palm Awards in Mexico International Film Festival, Silver Remi Award in Houston Film Festival and has official finalist in 2009 Las Vegas International Film Festival, Zin Film Festival in Czech Republic and Big Island Festival in Hawaii. Despite all international acclaim, ZLKH makes humble and soundless presence in B-town. After making waves in parallel cinema with successes like KHOSLA KA GHOSLA and SARKAR RAJ, music duo Bappi-Tutul sets their target high and straight for their first kid entertainer. Can Bappi-Tutul's music be as rewarding as flick's international acclaim? Can ZLKH be able to break the jinx of ''non-happening'' kid entertainers at the box office and be entertaining package for its music lovers? Let's find out the facts by listening to its original soundtracks…

The title track ''Zor Lagaa Ke…Haiya'' by Kunal Ganjawala comes out in format of boisterous and playful music video with all flashy musical gadgets and gizmos making loud sounds. Bappi-Tutul empowers with modernity elements that comes in bountiful package of electronically synchronized rhythms, pompous drumming and cheeky childish chorals that adds to the recurring pace of the track. Like least heard promotional track ''Chain Kulli Ki Main Kulli Ki'' (CHAIN KULLI KI MAIN KULLI KI) from singer Kunal Ganjawala, this one too goes out special for either titles or promotional feature for the film. It's ''remix'' version comes with extra vigor and zest and is full ''club-house'' throttle with DJ's favorite spicy thumps and disc-spinning stuff.

It's soul-stirring to hear cadenced melodic flow of light guitar strumming in mellowed textures of flute notes with Shaan's vocals pacifying senses in genteel flows in calm ''n'' collected melody titled ''Ehsaas Bejaan Hai''. Bappi-Tutul's unexplored somberness makes great waves with minimal orchestral exhibit and exceedingly enriched emotional quotient (EQ) substance that enamors listeners to hilt. Shaan's exemplifies another piece of elated solo performance with poetic exuberance of Amitabh Verma's lyrical work that should be listening treat for all quality listeners. Soul-stirring!!!

Roop Kumar Rathod's simplistically appealing voice carries the decorum of suavity and righteousness in meaningfully composed ''Mairi Mairi''. The soundtracks works as emblematic treat to the subject where singer gracefully refers to the grandeur of Mother Nature. It may not be as innovate or melodic in composition but noble and author-backed in its lyrical substance and rhythmical flows. After ''Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai'' (RAB NE BANA DI JODI), Roop Kumar gesticulates out another heartrending work that will surely be lifting out spirits of this generously scripted flick. Impressive!!

Upcoming singing talent Tanmay Chaudhary gets big chunk of the cake as he delivers the innocent sentiments of five children's of the flick in tracks like ''Satrangi Sapnon Ki'' and ''Koi Aaye Koi Jaye''. ''Satrangi Sapnon Ki'' is a dreamy soundtrack, composed in format of nursery rhyme with supple orchestral flows, and works like an affable situational score. On contrary, ''Koi Aaye Koi Jaye'' works like ''turf-war'' type of conflicting kiddy number with mix and match of electronic sounds, thriving drumming to pulsate out engrossing feel for the situational needs. Bappi-Tutul's versatility is at par again with the needs of the situation and should be helping hand in lighter moments of the film.

Bappi-Tutul shows their intellectual side by pitching out three promising instrumental numbers, showcasing out various moods and situations of the flick in the form of ''Hawa Hawa'', ''Hari Bhari Duniya'' and ''Pawan''. ''Hawa Hawa'' has mellifluous flute display that gets inter-woven with synchronized piano and percussive elements with titillating sounds of xylophone, adding to its sentimental textures. ''Hari Bhari Duniya'' has innocent hues in its somber tones and works with similar orchestral arrangements, epitomizing out the sparkle of greenery and austerity of Mother Nature and progresses with nimble pace. ''Pawan'' works like intimidating climax background score with animated sounds and pulsating rhythms, emanating out topsy-turns and shades of the climax in the film.

Bappi-Tutul makes generously remarkable musical moves in ZLKH with quality work that captures heart (if not charts) in tracks like ''Mairi Mairi'' and ''Ehsaan Bejaan Hai''. The composer duo makes impressive mark and delivers out music that connects with the sentiments of the film. It's really pity that album comes out with zilch promotion and very low expectation in tinsel town. For all quality listeners, it's a worth-a-buy preposition and should be satisfying experience for all melody-loving ears.

Rating -3.5/5


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