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Ankur Bhatia: Glamour industry can contribute in restoring planet

Actor Ankur Bhatia, feels that the entertainment industry can contribute majorly in saving the environment

Actor Ankur Bhatia, best known for his work in the series “Aarya” and the film “Haseena Parkar”, feels that the entertainment industry can contribute majorly in saving the environment. Speaking on the occasion of Earth Day on Thursday, Ankur asserts that he does his part to save the planet.

“There are a lot of ways our glamour industry can contribute in restoring our planet. I see a lot of plastic bottles being used on shoots and it has been ages now that this campaign has been going on against plastic. I think each individual is responsible. I personally use that and I tend to not use any plastic bottle given to me on set,” Ankur says.

He adds: “I think a lot of production houses are aware of the damage created by the wastage, so they are being very cautious about using environment friendly material. My bottle is recyclable glass. I don’t litter around and ensure people working with me follow those guidelines.”

With Covid-19 cases on the rise, the situation is grim. The actor feels taking small steps towards saving the environment now can reap good results in the future.

“I think in this pandemic we can all plant trees. I have been doing that lately and I am keen on doing that more,” says Ankur, adding, “Simple steps and small steps will take us to bigger goals. We have to stop littering around, say no to plastic, we should plant more trees, creating a healthy living environment for each of us,”

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