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Michael B Jordan: Will do anything for friends

Michael B Jordan deconstructs his character & sheds light on how he relates to his character John Kelly from his upcoming movie 'Without Remorse'

Action-drama films are generally high on punches and often bring with it a host of unbelievable cinematic sequences. But what makes a story special, is the emotion behind the fight sequences and the gut-wrenching motives. Michael B Jordan’s upcoming Amazon Original movie ‘Without Remorse’ is one such film that will not only be an exciting action thriller but also an emotional roller coaster ride of his character John Clark, aka John Kelly, that one can’t help but relate to.

Speaking about his character’s humane emotions much like himself, Michael B Jordan says, “He’s got a big heart and he’ll do anything for his friends, and that’s how I feel as well. Once he sets his mind to something, he’s determined to work at whatever it is until he accomplishes his mission, which describes me too.”

Jordan describes Kelly as a man who initially believes in the system of military hierarchy. So much so, that he thinks of himself as an extension of his country. But when he discovers his family is killed as part of the conspiracy to engulf a threatening U.S. and Russia war, this elite soldier finds himself ill-equipped to handle it emotionally.

“In his mind, he doesn’t have anything left to live for,” says Michael B Jordan. “Everything he cared about is gone, so it sends him down a very dark path. Unfortunately for the people who did this to him, they picked the wrong guy to mess with. He’s going to fill the empty hole within himself with as many bodies and as much chaos as he can. He’s hurt and heartbroken, so he throws himself into this wild mission in a very calculated way,” he further adds.

Identifying with such a relentless drive and determination that takes an unavoidable toll on John Kelly’s personal life, this Michael B Jordan film is definitely going to be a bitter-sweet story that we just can’t miss.

Directed by Stefano Sollima, ‘Without Remorse’ also features Jamie Bell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Lauren London, Brett Gelman among others and is all set to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting April 30.

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