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Sachin Khedekar’s heartfelt video celebrating ‘Taryanche Bait’

Sachin Khedekar shares a heartfelt video celebrating 'Taryanche Bait'; thanks Neeraj Pandey and Friday Filmworks for producing a subject like this

Critically acclaimed Marathi film produced by Neeraj Pandey and Shital Bhatia’s Friday Filmworks, ALT Entertainment and Balaji Motion Pictures ‘Taryanche Bait’ celebrates its 10th Anniversary today. And on this occasion, the lead actor, renowned film, television and theatre veteran, Sachin Khedekar shared a heartfelt video talking about this much-celebrated film and expressed his gratitude towards Neeraj Pandey and Friday Filmworks for producing a story like this and making him an integral part of it.

In the video, Sachin Khedekar shares how a film like this is the need of the hour. He shares, “I was privileged to be a part of Taryanche Bait. It’s a very sweet film and I was happy to play that role. The subject has a great rural naivety and positivity to it which I think is more important in films right now than ever.” The story of the film revolves around Shridhar, a simple clerk from Konkan, who takes his family on an official tour to Mumbai. Dazzled by the cityscape, his son insists on experiencing a five-star hotel visit and thus begins Shridhar’s bittersweet journey to fulfil his family’s wish.

Sachin Khedekar also touches upon the values the film imparts. He says, “We’ve always seen that the parents pass on their moral duties and responsibilities to their kids and try and teach them. But seldom does one understand that in fact, it’s the kids that end up teaching you more, always.”

He thanked Kiran Yadnyopavit who has written and directed the film and spoke words of appreciation for Neeraj Pandey. “The creative producer, Neeraj Pandey was a great help; and he supported a subject like this and we could make this film and could get awards for it too. Friday Filmworks, congratulations for producing this beautiful film and giving me that role.”

The film also featured the late, Vinay Apte, Ashwini Giri, Ashmita Joglekar, Kishore Kadam, Shashank Shende and Ishaan Tambe. It was co-produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor and Nitin Chandrachud.

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