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Abeer Singh Godhwani on his role in ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’: Kairav Goenka has alpha male traits

Abeer Singh Godhwani, who plays the popular character of Kairav in 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai', talked about his role

Abeer Singh Godhwani, who plays the popular character of Kairav in ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ (YRKKH), talked about his role, the audience’s response to it, and what more people can expect out of it in the coming times.

“What I admire most about Kairav Goenka is that he calls a spade a spade. He says it all on the face and understands love, values, and respect. He has alpha male traits and is an angry young man,” he shared.

Abeer replaced Mayank Arora in the show and the audience seems to have welcomed him with open hearts.

“It was not very difficult to adjust to this role for me because of the entire team’s amazing work and guidance. I have always been keen to show my versatility as an actor. As an actor one tries to give his all to the role to do justice to the part. I am doing the same,” he said.

“Fans of the show have reacted positively. They are loving the bold and no-filter avatar of the new Kairav. When I get compliments for my performance and get to know that they are waiting to see more of Kairav, it pushes me to do even better,” he said.

There are many surprises on the way for the viewers of ‘YRKKH’. He adds, “There are many twists, which are yet to come in the storyline. So I better keep the suspense.”

About his relationship with Pranali Rathod, who plays the role of Akshara, and Karishma Sawant, seen as Aarohi in the show, Abeer says: “My relationship with Akshara and Arohi is very jovial and funny. In between scenes, we communicate via hand gestures as if we are playing dumb charades and end up laughing.”

At last, Abeer says many times don’t like a particular scene or sequence in a show but still it has to continue being part of the plot. “Sometimes the audience don’t like the scenes and the storyline and we understand that very well but still we have to go ahead and do them as it’s part of the story,” he concluded.

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