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Diabetic or not, keeping a Glucometer at home is advisable and important

Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels is crucial for diabetes management. A glucometer offers a convenient and cost-effective option to do so at home.

Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels is crucial for diabetes management. And, a glucometer offers a convenient and cost-effective option to do so at home. Even healthy individuals can benefit from early diagnosis of prediabetes or diabetes by monitoring their glucose levels regularly.

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent non-communicable diseases, affecting millions of people around the globe. Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels is a crucial aspect of diabetes management. But, it’s not just diabetics who benefit from blood sugar monitoring. These days, many healthy individuals have also made it a practice to check their blood glucose levels regularly. This often allows for earlier diagnosis of prediabetes or diabetes. Diabetic or not, when it comes to blood sugar monitoring, keeping a glucometer at home is the best alternative. Read on to learn about what a glucometer is and why it is advantageous to have one.

What is Glucometer?

A glucometer, also referred to as a glucose meter, is a small, portable device that is used to measure the glucose level in your blood. It assesses a few drops of blood, which are typically extracted from a fingertip. It takes only a few seconds for a glucometer to provide you with a reading indicating whether your blood sugar levels are within the targeted range or too high or low.

A typical glucometer is equipped with a battery-operated digital meter, tracking software, glucose test strips, lancets, and a device to help you change the depth of the fingerstick as per the skin’s thickness. Using a glucometer regularly can help you achieve your blood sugar goals and ensure the effectiveness of your medicines. Additionally, it can assist your doctor in formulating a personalized treatment plan that suits you.

Why is Keeping a Glucometer at Home Beneficial?

There are a number of benefits of having a glucometer at home to regularly test your glucose levels. These benefits include:

Cost Effectiveness:

In India, the cost of lab testing for blood sugar can vary depending on your location, ranging between Rs 100 to Rs 300. These prices can also be influenced by the quality and availability of diagnostic labs in the area. If you experience frequent fluctuations in your glucose levels, then your doctor may recommend monitoring your levels a couple of times every day, which can take a hit on your budget. In comparison, a glucometer is a more cost-effective option for regular monitoring of your blood sugar levels.


Modern glucometers feature highly sensitive strips that are designed with specific chemicals to accurately detect each of your blood’s components. As a result, you can now obtain laboratory-like accuracy using a glucometer.


One of the major advantages of owning a glucometer is the convenience of being able to test your glucose levels from the comfort of your own home. It eliminates the need for frequent visits to a doctor or a diagnostic lab, making it a valuable tool for individuals who need to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly.


Glucometers, nowadays, offer more than just the ability to check blood sugar levels. They can be synced with apps for recording data, taking notes on diet and exercise, and tracking insulin. Furthermore, you can easily share this information with your doctor digitally. Additionally, their compact size makes it easy to carry them with you when you travel.

Helps in Making Informed Medical Decisions:

Getting accurate readings of your glucose level is crucial for making informed decisions about your medication and diet. By using a glucometer, you can easily keep track of your blood sugar levels and take necessary action. For example, when your levels are low, you can have a quick snack to get them up. Additionally, you can use the readings to determine the effect of new medications or certain foods on your diabetes. If you see a sudden increase in your glucose levels, then you can promptly connect with your doctor for further guidance.

Glucometers offer a range of features and benefits that make them an essential tool for individuals with diabetes or those at high risk of developing the condition. Choosing a good glucometer to keep at home can help you monitor your blood sugar levels accurately and make informed decisions about your medication and diet. You can browse through a wide range of glucometers available on the Apollo 24|7 App.

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