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Kochi Biennale raises thought-provoking questions on life, society: Carnatic vocalist TM Krishna

Kochi, March 6 (IANS) Amazing artworks at the Kochi Muziris Biennale raise pertinent and thought provoking questions on life and society at a global level, says T.M. Krishna, noted Carnatic vocalist, composer, and author.

“The Biennale poses difficult questions about society, our choices in the way we live… I think the inspiration comes from the difficult questions that many artists have asked. The state of the world today is being brought out through the personal reflections of these artists coming from different social, political, and geographical conditions,” said Krishna after visiting the Biennale venues, here.

The fifth edition of the Biennale which started on December 23, is set to conclude on April 10 and is on the verge of breaking its previous record of 6 lakh visitors in the previous editions.

“Creations that communicate with each other and those which do not, provoke thoughts in equal measure. The element of contrast found between contemporary and historical arts is another important feature. The artworks at the Biennale take the limits of imagination beyond all anticipation. The most important highlight of the Biennale is the inclusion of everyone without any kind of discrimination,” he added.

“I think what’s really struck me is the number of videos or moving picture presentations this year. It’s far more than what I have seen before, which I think is so interesting. The multimedia mix of visual imaginaries, moving pictures, texts, and sound. I think that was a pleasant and interesting surprise. The way narratives have been presented is beyond just paintings, sketching, or etchings. I think to me, that’s what struck me, this entire fluidity between different forms of visual media, that’s quite a highlight to me,” Krishna reflected.



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