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Kolkata based astrologer Sumit Bajaj shines at predictions for Bollywood

Sumit Bajaj, astrologer from Kolkata, proves the mettle of the science of astrology through the startling prediction in open forum done by him.

Sumit Bajaj, renowned astrologer from Kolkata, has once again proven the mettle of the science of astrology through the startling prediction in open forum done by him. Recently on 11th July after Akshay Kumar announced the release date of the movie OMG2, he predicted that OMG2 would do well, it will be slow to start and then pick up gradually and shall attain INR 165 cr Box office collections in 10 days.

This was despite the fact that the movie was clashing with the release of the blockbuster Gadar 2 and also that the movie was rated ‘A’. At the time of this prediction, several people particularly fans of Akshay Kumar raised questions and even didn’t expect to cross 50% of the prediction made. Many people trolled the astrologer as usual, however, Sumit has not been afraid of the trollers and prepared for any outcome of his predictions made.

In this case exactly the same happened and Gadar 2 almost outshined OMG2 in the first two days. However, as predicted this slow start turned due to word of mouth and collections picked up. Astonishingly, after 10 days we see that the Worldwide gross collections were more than 160 cr as predicted by the astrologer.

We find that his predictions have been right almost 85-90% of the time which is unusually a very high strike rate. Even prior to the release of ‘Pathaan’ movie, he had predicted that it will be a superhit movie and shall be a great comeback movie for Shah Rukh Khan. Exactly this happened against the odds which people had expected. In August 2022, Sumit had predicted a key event for Hrithik Roshan during the period between Mid Jan 2024 to early Feb 2024. Now it is learnt that his movie Fighter is releasing on 26th January 2024 which is matching exactly with the dates given. On the Ghoomer movie prior to release, Bajaj had predicted that it is going to be very challenging on Box office collections and as we see it is really struggling currently. Sumit has even predicted that Don 3 may not be that favourable for Ranveer Singh.

Sumit earlier had made various astonishing predictions on Sports (Cricket, Tennis, FIFA world cup) as well apart from various events like earthquakes, accidents, etc. One good thing about Sumit is that all his predictions are provided on open forum in twitter time stamped which is very transparent to the world.

We spoke with Sumit and he said that our ancient Hindu Vedic science of astrology should always be respected as it a very complex science. People should be encouraged for studying, making research and people should most importantly respect this study and efforts made by the astrologers. Whether the predictions go right or wrong, the efforts put by astrologers should not be mocked off. People need to have trust towards credible people and it’s all about grace of God which is most important for any person practicing astrology. One has to be morally honest, intellectually excellent & mathematically expert to excel in Astrology.

Sumit further predicts the upcoming movie of Shah Rukh Khan Jawan to be a super hit. As per the astrologer Shah Rukh Khan to produce three back-to-back super hits.

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