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Adipurush Dialogues: Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh starrer best dialogues

We have powerful best dialogues from the trailer of Adipurush starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh and Devdatta Nage. Check out Adipurush Dialogues below:

The upcoming Indian mythological epic, Adipurush, has been creating a lot of buzz among fans since its announcement. The film, which features Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan in lead roles, is directed by Om Raut.

The much awaited trailer of Adipurush is released. Fans are already loving the trailer.

Adipurush is based on the mythological epic Ramayana, which took place roughly around 7000 years ago. The film follows the journey of Lord Ram to Lanka in his attempt to save Goddess Sita from Ravana’s captivity. Kriti Sanon will be seen as Janaki, while Saif Ali Khan will play the role of Lankesh, the antagonist.

The new trailer immediately sets itself apart from the earlier one, and it’s clear that work has gone into refining the visual effects. What looked like a half-rendered work-in-progress the last time around is now at least close to what we’ve come to expect from big-budget Indian films. But as the trailer unfolds, the quality of the visual effects decreases. The final battle sequence especially looks just as unrefined as what we saw in the teaser.

Adipurush also stars Sunny Singh and Devdatta Nage and will be release in theatres on June 16 in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Ajay-Atul of Sairat fame have composed the music for the movie.

We have powerful best dialogues from the trailer of Adipurush starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh and Devdatta Nage. Check out Adipurush Dialogues below:

Jinka Jeevan Tha Maryaada Ka Utsav Aur Naam Tha Raghav Hanuman Devdatta Nage

“Jinka jeevan tha maryaada ka utsav aur naam tha Raghav” – Devdatta Nage (Hanuman)

Yug Yugathar Se Jeevit Aur Jagrith Yeh Kahaani Hai Ramayan Ki Hanuman

“Yug yugathar se jeevit aur jagrith yeh kahaani hai Ramayan ki” – Devdatta Nage

Yeh Maryaada Ke Viruddh Hain Prabhas

“Yeh maryaada ke viruddh hain – Prabhas (Raghav)

Toh Kya Maryaada Bhi Aapko Bhabhi Maa Ke Pranon Se Bhi Adhik Priy Hain Sunny Singh

“Toh kya maryaada bhi aapko bhabhi maa ke pranon se bhi adhik priy hain” – Sunny Singh

Janaki Mein Mere Praan Baste Hain Aur Maryaada Muje Apne Pranon Se Bhi Adhik Priy Hain Prabhas

“Janaki mein mere praan baste hain aur maryaada muje apne pranon se bhi adhik priy hain” – Prabhas

Hum Janam Se Nahi Karm Se Chote Yaa Bade Hote Hain Prabhas

“Hum janam se nahi karm se chote yaa bade hote hain” – Prabhas

Raghav Ne Muje Paane Ke Liye Shiv Dhanush Todha Tha Ab Unhe Raavan Ka Ghamand Todna Hoga Kirit Sanon

“Raghav ne muje paane ke liye shiv dhanush todha tha ab unhe Raavan ka ghamand todna hoga” – Kriti Sanon

Aaj Mere Liye Mat Ladna Uss Din Ke Liye Ladna Jab Itihaas Mein Tumhara Naam Padhkar Sanmaan Se Sarr Jhukkar Jayenge

“Aaj mere liye mat ladna uss din ke liye ladna jab itihaas mein tumhara naam padhkar sanmaan se sarr jhukkar jayenge” – Prabhas

Ladoge Toh Aage Badho Aur Gaadh Ahinkar Hi Chaati Mein Bhagwa Dhawj

“Ladoge toh aage badho aur gaadh do ahinkar hi chaati mein vijay ka bhagwa dhawj” – Prabhas

Bhramaand Mein Jo Bhi Paane Layak Hai Tu Paa Chuka Hain Phir Bhi Rashkas Hi Hain ...Lakmi Ko Paale Narayan Ho Jayega

“Bhramaand mein jo bhi paane layak hai tu paa chuka hain phir bhi rashkas hi hain …lakshmi ko paa le narayan ho jayega” – Saif Ali Khan

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