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Bumm Bumm Bole Movie Review

There's everything wrong with BUMM BUMM BOLE. If it is targeted for kids, that is. It begins with a bomb blast, moves on with an attempt to rape and has some scary sound effects enough to drive a kid out of a theatre. I'm not talking about 12-year-olds but maybe a six-year-old who would have gone with her parents.

Considering it is slotted as a family film, the makers should have taken care of focusing on this aspect. If not, I think it was the censor's job to look into this very 'terrifying' aspect keeping the innocence of the kids in mind. You don't want your child begging you to take her out of the theatre, do you? Next time filmmakers should keep this aspect in mind when their target audience is the innocent.

Even if it is for the young adults, there is nothing of note. Weak story and confusing locations (where you know not where the story is set). However, kudos to the two young stars Darsheel Safary and Ziyah Vastani who play the brother-sister duo, which is the pivot on which the story rolls.

Priyadarshan has based this movie on Majid Majidi's Iranian film CHILDREN OF HEAVEN. I believe that movie was well appreciated and accepted and even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

This one stands no chance of getting anywhere close to it. The story revolves around Darsheel and Ziyah who live with their parents in a terror-infested area (don't know where). It is tough for the parents to keep food on the table and send the kids to an expensive school, so when brother accidently loses sister's worn out sandals; they decide to keep a secret. They do not tell their parents, as they know they will not be able to afford a new pair. So the two swap shoes to make it to school on a daily basis.

In the end, brother participates in a marathon in the hope of winning the third prize, which is a pair of Adidas shoes. This he wants to give his sister.

Considering Priyardarshan had two solid child artistes, he has done no justice to their talent. What was required was a plain simple, original script. This holiday season it had the potential of being a huge hit among the kids. I'm sure most (kids) will stay away or if they venture, will want to leave mid-way. Exactly for the reasons I mentioned in the beginning.

Rating – 1/5

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