Abhishek Duhan: Always knew I wanted to be an actor

January 19, 2024
Abhishek Duhan says that he was always very sure that he wanted to become an actor. He adds that this was his childhood wish

Abhishek Duhan says that he was always very sure that he wanted to become an actor. He adds that this was his childhood wish, which he is happy that he fulfilled. “I didn’t face any confusion while deciding on my career. I always knew I wanted to be a movie actor. It was my dream since childhood, and I never had any doubts. To all the young folks facing career confusion, my advice is to follow your heart. Pursue what you’re passionate about with full dedication. Give it your 100%, fall in love with it, and success, money, fame – it will all follow naturally. That’s the key to a fulfilling journey,” he says.

He adds, “It’s quite common for children to choose careers different from their parents. I believe guidance is essential, but it’s equally important to let individuals explore their paths and find what truly resonates with them. Embracing diverse career choices can lead to personal fulfilment.”

“Absolutely, kids often have more freedom to follow their hearts. Communication between parents and kids is crucial. If certain about a career path, express it genuinely. Technology offers vast educational resources. Willpower, dedication, and focus are key to success in pursuing one’s passion.”

Talking about how his parents reacted to his decision to become an actor, he says, “Deciding to be a movie actor was challenging for my parents, unfamiliar with the industry. Moving to a new city added another layer of difficulty, especially for them. Though I found it exciting, there were tough times in Bombay (Mumbai). Yet, keeping it in my heart made it easier over time. The key is persistence, and things eventually fall into place.”

He adds, “I didn’t perceive any struggles; I enjoyed the journey. Financially, my family supported me, and friends pitched in when needed. Emotionally, family and friends were pillars of support. Never indecisive, I found guidance from teachers like Nadira Babbar ji and Darpan Mishra. Reflecting, satisfied overall, but feel I could have utilized time better. Life lessons teach us to be aware and make the most of this one life. Be smart about your choices.”

Meanwhile, talking about competition in the industry, he says, “Competition has increased, but I don’t see it as competing with others. It’s about personal growth. Few truly stand out with dedication and hard work. Technically, there’s less competition amidst the crowd. I compete with myself, striving to improve daily as a better human being. Luck may open doors, but sustained effort and self-improvement matter most.”

“Absolutely, gratitude for being alive and cherishing simple joys makes you fortunate. Having the opportunity to do what you love, supportive parents, and friends adds to that luck. Recognising the ability to see, hear, smell, and experience life’s pleasures is a blessing. Feeling that the universe is in your favour is a wonderful perspective.”

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