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Vishal Jethwa – from playing ‘villain’ to a ‘loverboy’ in ‘Dhat’

Actor Vishal Jethwa shot to fame playing a vile rapist & killer in the 2019 cop drama 'Mardaani 2', he is now all set for a romantic makeover

He shot to fame playing a vile rapist and killer in the 2019 cop drama “Mardaani 2”, actor Vishal Jethwa is now all set for a romantic makeover. He plays a loverboy in the music video of Arko’s new song, “Dhat”.

“When I was approached by Arkoda for his music video, I didn’t think twice as he is a very respected singer-songwriter and music composer. I have been a huge fan of his compositions ‘Teri mitti’ and ‘Nazm nazm’,” Vishal said.

He added: “When I heard the music, I fell in love with the song, as I found it to be a very sweet and romantic composition.”

He had another reason for signing up. “When I learnt that the concept of the song is retro and the part I was being offered was of a romantic boy, I grabbed it as I have never got the opportunity to play a romantic character on screen. I felt it would be something different and challenging. I decided to do it as I wanted the audience to see me in a different avatar post ‘Mardaani 2’,” he said.

Vishal is looking for more opportunities to play a romantic hero on screen.

“I would love to. However, whatever characters I will portray, positive or negative, I would always like to challenge myself to ensure that I do complete justice to the role,” he said.

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