Roar Of Ruslaan India Tour starts on April 17, team to visit 7 cities in 7 days

April 16, 2024
Aayush Sharma-starrer ‘Ruslaan’ have planned a nationwide ‘Roar Of Ruslaan India Tour’.

The makers of the upcoming Aayush Sharma-starrer ‘Ruslaan’ have planned a nationwide ‘Roar Of Ruslaan India Tour’. The tour, which is scheduled to be flagged off on April 17, will cover major Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Noida, and Indore.

The film’s team is planning to be everywhere to meet fans in person as they will visit seven cities in seven days.

Talking about the upcoming tour, Aayush said: “The ‘Ruslaan’ tour is more than just a series of events—it’s an opportunity for us to connect with audiences from all walks of life. As we travel from Ahmedabad to Kolkata and everywhere in between, we’re excited to bring the magic of Ruslaan directly to the people. These city tours allow us to engage with fans on a personal level and share our passion for the film in a way that transcends screens. It’s a chance to celebrate cinema, culture, and community, and I can’t wait to see the impact it has on audiences across the board.”

Director Karan L. Butani added: “In an era dominated by social media, there’s something special about connecting with audiences in person. Meeting people, grooving to the film’s music, and mouthing dialogues together—it’s the most enjoyable aspect of promotions for me. While digital platforms have their place, nothing beats the personal connection forged during face-to-face interactions.”

‘Ruslaan’ also stars Sushrii Mishraa, Jagapathi Babu and Vidya Malvade.

Produced by K. K. Radhamohan of Sri Sathya Sai Arts, and directed by Karan L. Butani, the film is all set to release on April 26.

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