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Sunil Grover: It is okay to be boxed

Stand-up comic and actor Sunil Grover, who has tickled the funnybone of many with his witty one-liners and expressions on screen, is fine with being boxed as he sees it as acceptance and not getting limited.

“It is okay to be boxed. I am fine with it because eventually people will box you with what they see and like. Boxing also means acceptance that they accept you in a certain way so rather than it being said in a way that it is limiting, no I think it is acceptance,” Sunil said.

The 43-year-old funnyman also revealed that when he was offered Vishal Bhardwaj’s comedy drama ‘Pataakha’ in 2018 he did not have anything else.

He said: “But sometimes destiny has plans for you which are beyond your control like when we talk about ‘Pataakha’ when that happened, when it was offered I did not have anything else. I was off television and it was a great offer. So, I said ‘okay, let’s do it’.”

Sunil shared that soon more work followed such as the Salman Khan-starrer ‘Bharat’ and the web-series ‘Taandav’.

“They were roles which I had thought would not come my way and they started coming…Forget the roles, the mediums also have new mediums approaching…I was kind of not prepared or I had not planned,” he said.

Sunil, whose latest web-series ‘Sunflower’ was appreciated by critics and audiences alike, says he feels like a newcomer.

“And I feel like a newcomer and I feel that fresh wave of communicating with audiences and approaching new work,” he said.

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