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Web series on Leonardo da Vinci to premier SonyLIV

SonyLIV to premiere Leonardo, Web series on Leonardo da Vinci, ahead of its UK and US release

An exceptional talent, a forbidden love, and a murder accusation, the mystery behind the genius Leonardo da Vinci, is a story everyone needs to hear. Unlocking the enigma of this extraordinary man, SonyLIV is all set to premiere ‘Leonardo’, before the US and UK release. The show brings a riveting story of the most fascinating artistic figures in history.

This eight-part series will focus on the journey of Leonardo Da Vinci, a curious man, who went on to become one of the most influential figures of all time. Challenging the established order and with a view to inspire future generations to be curious and solve the mysteries of the world we live in, the series will attempt on exploring the lesser-known facts and stories about Da Vinci’s Life and work.

Talking about his character, Aidan Turner, “To play a character like that, a historical figure, an artist, it can be intimidating and quite terrifying. But I think Frank Spotnitz’s scripts focus a lot on who’s the man behind the genius and that’s what motivates him as an artist and as a person. So reading Frank’s scripts, talking to him and different historians, we sort of came up with these different citations and manuscripts that we looked at that spoke so briefly about what he might have been like as a person. But they all focused more on the kind of artist he was.”

Aidan further added, “Also, he wasn’t as extrovert as someone like Michelangelo (Italian sculptor). It seemed like he was more of a private person. I suppose he had the same vulnerabilities as we all have, a young artist who wasn’t traditionally schooled and had a very fraught relationship with his parents. He was raised by his grandparents. As a student, he was surrounded by people who would have been educated, so you can imagine how his late teens or early 20s would have been.”

Created by Frank Spotnitz and Steve Thompson the show features Aidan Turner, Giancarlo Giannini, Matilda De Angelis amongst others. The show hits on 9th April only on SonyLIV.

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