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Jisshu Sengupta on daughter Sara's acting career: Will guide her

By Yashika Mathur

New Delhi, April 7 (IANS) Actor Jisshu Sengupta, who is a well known name in Bengali cinema and has been part of Hindi films too, says he will always guide his daughter Sara when it comes to acting. However, he asserts that the final decision will always be hers.

Sara made her acting debut at a young age of 11 in Srijit Mukherjee’s 2018 film “Uma”.

“She was just 11. My wife (Nilanjana) and I thought she should do it when she completely understood the medium. Director Srijit Mukherjee, who is a friend, was at our house and, while we were having a discussion, Sara walked in. He asked her if she wanted to do this and she said ‘yes’, and that’s about it. We decided if she wants to do it it’s up to her. Whatever she wants to do, she can. We can guide her on what is right or wrong but in the end it is her decision. I will always guide her,” Jisshu tells IANS.

The actor says that his father Ujjwal Sengupta also gave him similar freedom when it had come to building his career.

“I have learnt this from my father. He never forced me to force anything and I was very bad at studying. I was a cricketer and my father said that if you want to be a cricketer, do it with your heart and not with your mind. That is what I believed in, and that is what I told my children,” shares the actor.

Talking about the films and the buzzing platform of OTT, Jisshu, who recently announced his autobiography “Abahaman: My Journey So Far”, feels that the inclination towards OTT had to happen.

“It had to happen. People had started watching films in different languages. They started looking for actors in different cinemas. The kind of content you see in OTT, you don’t see in films. I think it’s a great opportunity for actors like us who want to do different kinds of content. It was there in future but it just came closer because of the pandemic,” he says.



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