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Labour Day 2020: Jasmin Bhasin, Parull Chaudhry, Aniruddh Dave and other celebs wish they could work this labour day

However, this year, we are all in a state of lockdown. Here is how these actors are feeling about this holiday today!

Generally, 1st of May, Labour Day, comes as a relief as it is a well-deserved holiday in the midst of heavy shoots and long working hours.

However, this year, we are all in a state of lockdown.  Here is how these actors are feeling about this holiday today!

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Ramman Handa: 1st of May has always been the most awaited holiday every year but this year, holiday sounds like a horror day.

As it’s been years we have been always been around so much crowd, working and keeping ourselves busy with something or the other.

And all of a sudden, this unplanned and unexpected stressful lockdown has changed the meaning of a holiday altogether and made us realised the importance of freedom. 

Not only me but everyone is eager to step out of their houses and resume their normal life routine. The worst thing is that our income has been stopped or restricted and being a professional, I’m feeling wasted.

Time is the most precious thing we have and no matter how much we try to utilise it during the lockdown, it seems that our efforts are going in vain.

I’m missing about being productive in terms of finances. And also, freedom has gone and there is a sense of fear that is always there in the mind.

Covid has made everyone so suspicious that we fear our own people now which isn’t a healthy state for mankind.

Jasmin Bhasin: I can’t wait to get back to work and I hope this year this day becomes when we all get back to a work instead of taking a break as we all have got a very long break now.

I am actually missing my work, my shooting and meeting everyone. Let’s just hope things get better.

Parull Chaudhry: 1st of May, being Labour Day, every year, the shoot workers look forward to this day because it like a definite off on that day. 

This year we have all been home because of lockdown. I guess every day is feeling like a labour day now. But of course, everyone is missing their work, especially the labour, the daily wage earners, they are missing out on their income.

I feel extremely bad and I hope that the situation resolves very fast and everyone gets back to their work.

Aniruddh Dave: I have always felt a communist influence in my thoughts. When you talk about farmers and labours’ rights, I am always in supporters of labourers because they are very hard working. This day is given to them so that after continuous work they get this one day to rest and we should appreciate them to give strength to them.

I respect them a lot and one day off gives them immense happiness. They wait for that day. Crew members on the sets they work harder than us. I am in touch with crew members of my shows.

Daily wage earners’ financial condition is not stabilised right now and I pray to god that things get better as soon as possible so that they can live life as before. In our field, we cannot work without crew members. It’s impossible.

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