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Major reshuffle of officials in Sports Authority of India

New Delhi, March 31 (IANS) In a major reshuffle, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) has shifted the Bengaluru’s regional head Captain (Retd) Ajay Kumar Bahl to SAI headquarters in New Delhi.

Bahl will take over the Stadia Division, which was under SC Sharma, who was also in charge of Operations Division, say sources. After the change of guards, Sharma will only oversee Operations Division.

To streamline the administrative setup, Manjushree Dayanand, director Bhopal’s Regional Centre, has also been shifted to SAI headquarters while Satyajit Sankrit, administrator of the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Ranges, will replace Manjushree at the Bhopal centre.

“There have been complaints against Bahl and Manjushree for misusing their powers,” alleged one of the coaches posted in Bengaluru.

Ritu Pathik, another senior official from Patiala will take over as head of the Bengaluru centre.

Satish Sarhadi, director of the National Centre of Excellence (NCOE) in Rohtak, has been shifted to SAI’s regional centre in Guwahati. Ashwani Kumar, deputy director posted at the SAI headquarters, will be in charge of Rohtak’s NCOE.

Amar Jyoti, administrator of Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, has been shifted to Patiala.



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