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Interview : Barkha Madan

View Soch Lo Movie Stills

view SOCH LO movie stills

Barkha Madan? Very few may recollect her name. But as we tell you that she is the same lady, who scared the living daylights out of us portraying Manjeet’s ghost in Ram Gopal Varma’s hit film BHOOT (2003), you will still love raving about her fantastic performance. Well the lady is back on the big screen in debutante Sartaj Singh Pannu’s much acclaimed film SOCH LO.

SOCH LO is the first Indie film to release in US how has been the response like?
The response has been overwhelming. It has been widely appreciated for its direction, cinematography and other technical aspects. Though it had a limited release, yet it was received well.

How did USA media & audiences react to the very idea of how SOCH LO was made?
They liked the theme of arrange marriages as it’s new for them. They were pretty intrigued with the film. It’s a rare independent film. Infact after watching the fantastic response we have shot a music video in Malibu, Los Angeles, which

“SOCH LO could be a cult film.”

will be released soon.

SOCH LO has made it to Independent Spirit Awards 2011, Colorado, did any of their representative attend the premiere of the film?
Yes one of their panel members did come to watch the film. It has been selected under Best foreign film category.

SOCH LO being a small film & helmed by a debutante Sartaj Singh Pannu, were you skeptical about the working of the film? Also were you apprehensive taking it up?
Yes initially I was apprehensive doing it. I used to wonder how Sartaj will single-handedly mange it. However, when I saw his work I realized his potentials and now I am more than happy with the way the film has turned out and the overall response towards it. Though the film had huge budget constraints, yet there is no compromise in the creativity part. And with this I have realized that if you’re determined and have a deep desire to fulfill your dreams no matter what hurdles are there, you’ll get what you want.

Did you contribute in the making of the film?
Well the distribution of SOCH LO is done by my company Golden Gate Creations.

Barkha Madan


Sitarra TV & TV Asia reported that SOCH LO was sold out in FREMONT, California on first show itself?
I am extremely happy that an independent film like SOCH LO went full house. It’s a great feeling.

What do you have to say about Sartaj’s debut effort?
Oh! He’s extremely hardworking. His homework is thorough and he comes prepared. I kind of like his attitude. His sensibilities as a filmmaker are great. He has the potential to make meaningful cinema. As it is FTII people are thorough with their job and so is Sartaj. Tell me how many people take the onus of managing it own. But Sartaj took the guts, thought out of the box and innovatively move ahead.

How you look at SOCH LO – the film?How far it will go and what differences it can make in Indian film industry?
It could very well turn out to be cult film (like SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE). I hope more & more of SOCH LO kind of movies come up. However, somewhere I feel SOCH LO was ahead of its time.

“Sartaj has the potential to make meaningful cinema.”

Whom do you attribute SOCH LO’s success to?
Fortunately online media has been very supportive. The entire credit of SOCH LO’s success goes to them. Not many people give regard to it. They don’t understand the power of this medium and underestimate its presence.

Any plans to enter Hollywood or any tempting offers you got?
I have not given it a serious thought as of now. But ya if anything interesting comes my way I may consider it.

We hear that you are looking forward to hosting a talk show in USA?
Well the talks are still on for it. But nothing is confirmed yet.

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