LFW x FDCI: Gaurang Shah revives forgotten embroideries in exquisite house full show

March 14, 2024
Gaurang Shah honoured the heritage of the nation's textiles by showcasing 'long forgotten' embroideries such as Mochi, Parsi Gara, Petit Point and Kasuti

Gaurang Shah’s latest collection, ‘Gulal’, presented at Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI, pays homage to India’s rich textile heritage by showcasing long-forgotten embroideries and weaving techniques. The collection, comprising over 40 ensembles including lehengas and sarees, reflects the intricate craftsmanship and artistry of India’s weaves.

The runway presentation began with a vibrant performance by Germany-based singer Hardik Chauhan, accompanied by models dancing Garba, setting the festive tone for the show. This was followed by a storytelling of Radha and Krishna’s Holi celebrations through Kathakali dance, adding a spiritual touch to the event.

Gaurang Shah’s collection aims to revive traditional embroideries such as Mochi, Parsi Gara, Petit Point, Kasuti, Phulkari, Kutch, and Kashmiri, which have been long forgotten but hold immense cultural significance. Each garment, meticulously crafted over a year, showcases the designer’s dedication to preserving and celebrating India’s textile heritage.

The collection features a variety of weaving techniques including Jamdani, Jacquard, and Dobby, using handspun Khadi, fine cotton, silk matka, and other natural silks. Shah’s color palette, symbolizing purity, sincerity, and peace, is particularly apt for the Spring season.

Shah emphasizes the virtues of patience and precision exhibited by the artisans who painstakingly hand weave each textile, infusing their emotions and traits into every line. Each piece of ‘Gulal’ is a harmonious blend of three different textiles, representing the diverse and rich tapestry of India’s weaving traditions. Through his collection, Shah not only showcases the beauty of India’s textiles but also honors the skilled artisans who preserve these age-old techniques.

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